Check Out the Hot Toys This Christmas

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off this season's top toys.
3:59 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for Check Out the Hot Toys This Christmas
We do your kids and Marty had their holiday wishlists written down probably since last Christmas but there's some cool to lays out there you may not know about and for that -- -- -- -- -- mom. Here with their own list of hot holiday toys this like Christmas. This sentiment here is and we have a great selection of toys. For all ages all -- and all budgets beginning with their little ones we have the amazing mash unit isn't grow with me toy we can start with -- on the floor. Our little ones -- they're crawling and city complainant -- and they wanted to appear at a full activities -- your phone with music and on off switch a couple of walls. And lots of fun for the kids. Cinderella. Right out of the -- -- the -- murder since then my magical line Cinderella. Thus the -- and dress like that. And it's easy classes this week that's in beautiful hair playing even she loves to see see dads and now this is the -- -- Three different modes of play acoustic electric and avatar. Arraignments -- Great way to introduce -- -- kids and also got an obstinate and it also has -- -- its okay. -- introduced his new line called friends. And its construction for girls and it's really -- think I'm like this all -- -- just -- just for the blue eagle now await the girl's place this is partly staples it comes at me and Catherine into horses. Girls are going to play it going to decorate -- and come back and we decorate again I love this line it's flying off shelves yet it should have been out 1975. Now for our boy -- who love to smash and -- -- -- -- Angry Birds -- mission and -- and we got it right. -- Yeah that is good but you get. An -- you're building you're having a great time that it. And then dig out -- accept it they that right boys will love sick act. Lockheed down a new fashion line dean of friends they live in New York City they go to -- school they design their own line of clothing and they are inspired things around them. Each one comes as the book and it actually gives the girls and activity did -- -- -- all were modest as well what but they're beautiful. So there -- a lot of fun for the kids to collect and he's right now -- It -- a video game character he's always working thinks he's the bad -- what -- -- -- -- -- but here's what's really on his -- out. -- you really do it -- -- not but there are a lot of -- -- and I think the girls love these every -- get a lot especially siblings and ready to accept. OK we let games it brings kids to get their families together illustrations -- kids twelve and out so something to dissipate the old tickets -- -- me -- -- we used to think telephone. Exit and tell -- Latin elements and now we -- actually drying words and pictures based on the cards so we started today with potluck. We went through this we had a couple of pictures and words and when we were done we got to you. And I believe that that money so bag of money kind of close to you -- I don't. Is it brings -- -- -- that bring everyone together a lot of fun. But not least for a little. -- This is flying blind so this is about fly explain. Into isn't how and what I'm doing -- time actually -- it take on grounds that. Eight no it's actually attached to Paul it's either going to get that -- is certainly can do this in turn out. But you're gonna take off. Ally and learn to land you -- play it with your friends as well. And when you get really good you can -- until the -- and not so it's really cool. Very very -- and Dayton united stunts you do have not yet maybe next time maybe next time. I think he had a great job so I won't taking that I'm okay thanks. That amount Murray said thank you so much for coming and how they simply validate happy -- -- tell you parents and it's an -- there.

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{"id":17816187,"title":"Check Out the Hot Toys This Christmas","duration":"3:59","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off this season's top toys.","url":"/WNN/video/hot-christmas-toys-2012-17816187","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}