Check Out the Hottest Holiday Toys

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht shows off the cool toys for this year.
4:28 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Check Out the Hottest Holiday Toys
You have -- Halloween costumes already picked out because it is time to do your holiday shopping. If you have children on a gift -- you wanna play close attention to what we're about to show you we have some great stuff -- insider mob wars -- to see was some of the season's hottest toys -- a sneak -- here. I eat pizza we're gonna start by talking about some robots RAX. -- -- doesn't -- as a robot bugs rush exactly. I'm Lullabot bonds but -- B -- they go up. They -- down. I gravity. So it's like an audit trail in and -- hamster is a robot that's exactly it. And it really -- and move on vibration only my guess that this is the popular get food -- it's certainly -- that's nice speaking of robots. Will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- out of the box we just control this robot with a ready with a remote control. I have not -- yeah we just touched the ice -- CI I. Yeah yeah. My point at all about customization to thank you Rhonda we're seeing is hands. -- do. Only write about that night. I thought -- plot to break go home new collection of dvds coming out celebrating. Opt my little learning this is I'm -- surprise carry out just by telling tots and -- of course speaks. -- -- And speaks Spanish -- -- my ten year old and played with something like this and you could but he's moved is this that. Yeah isn't up in the media and on the peninsula light out -- can't. And sell the apps on strange aren't and that's -- -- and I haven't you. Coming still -- -- the first this is my talking Monday and her friends she's from the talent and she speaks animal -- she's a princess in training. But she also knows animal. In need that -- won't say a close -- just getting closer. -- and dolls. 86 -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- older girls six to not want hats their own personality and their stars but they're beautiful if you feel their hand. So own personalities on songs kids have been a lot them. Also okay Trout who isn't gonna want to know you're -- recognize a lot of things so Power -- celebrating twenty years. There anniversary so this is all -- the sorts put together the power of the sort battle by the fire that when you do go ahead fire away just pull the trigger pull the trigger. I don't hear her earlier in the -- here we. -- -- -- -- -- -- And although we have because I don't think that's really gonna take anybody and not get -- there anything that a lot of thought he'd put a stronger battery in the damage. After the -- want tablets in the icy hot -- -- wish list once again I'm gonna turn this is the accident comes preloaded with a hundred different apps and parents can actually see everywhere they're kids have been. Holiday not a big group -- together so let's say you -- that just. Lots of things better aster not you know space and asked that you go in it's good to get you open up that -- And you see all of the different games and things -- doesn't connect to the Webber know. You can to real android device no kidding no kidding pretty awesome you know something else really the newest -- one -- -- giant. Yeah when dot Mercedes now what Alan some you know what I know -- there. Still the F a car with downloaded the free -- -- -- is going to be -- is back. She's doing the right from the -- that she's doing it right in the only downloaded the free app but more even that she's going to turn on headlights Sele who on you today. So the music is coming right from -- library sits on your phone. New iTunes collection and come out of that and now -- speaker at the Dow dives. And what that -- now it's sitting on your desk and -- just that sounds like I used. -- you're good driver and he got a good taste and. -- that's awesome and I haven't a lot of insider Laurie -- didn't put that one and in my tree. You can find more details about the -- you just showed us -- W and and -- Dot com you watch world news.

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{"id":20608543,"title":"Check Out the Hottest Holiday Toys","duration":"4:28","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht shows off the cool toys for this year.","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-holiday-toys-laurie-schacht-20608543","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}