Cher Wows on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Cher gives the audience a thrill with a performance, three costume changes and judging dancers.
3:00 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cher Wows on 'Dancing With the Stars'
Welcome it is getting everybody and we start with Dancing With The Stars they usually would tell you is eliminated right of the bat but here we have a special. Kind of demonstration for you as far as what happened on Dancing With The Stars last night and it was all about how it. Share. And she came out -- -- -- she changed into the region around it's there she is performing. -- and then she also was the guest judge where she sat down with the three judges and she. Gave sport isn't she talked about -- that she's on -- -- all kinds -- nice things about everybody everybody has like to share inspired dance that they were performing. And then we found out who was eliminated. First of all week being here is that these were the two that we're going Jack Osborne or -- -- and and to when he came down to it it was France who was sent home. I've learned something I never got to be able to learn in my life -- learned a lot about -- health. And I'm just very very grateful for the opportunity. -- -- -- -- scientists -- pretty little liar I'm sure he's got. Welcome to go back yeah. Dancing is over and but he is officially out of the running for a normal traffic out of their -- looks amazing -- -- -- -- and she's like one million. Pretty much Vinci looks like a million bucks so what she's going to look like I'm Morgan he has lived. Hard Jimmy Kimmel -- zero he has this love or hate it but. The parents send in video of them telling their kids right after Halloween that they -- -- -- the reactions -- either hilarious or horrifying but you'd be you'd be the Jessica. -- -- -- -- -- -- Third year in a row -- Anyway I don't I can't imagine what I would have died Saturday taking a look at -- maximum. What are you kidding me anyway there you -- So who -- so long it's right. Absolutely I didn't know what every ball OK talking about mean the wonderful here's a little for the -- -- -- that he didn't hit back at the bottle at a concert in Brazil got a big smile I. Now I'm not laughing because he got hit -- I'm laughing because he's out team he's totally buying that and that big -- apparently -- -- -- death and that's why they. -- to get his attention it and it's. And nothing gonna happen until and well anyway it's unpleasant happened apparently when he. Neither side. It back in 2009 he got hit that was a real hit like me oh man I now see that's that's the -- last night it was not isn't. Yeah. Restore -- right there you're out there everybody else did it throwing things -- -- Really sweet back -- so I feel bad for that don't -- transformation. And those around -- touted up Keenan he yellow buckets -- well -- strip clubs -- years ago we Eminem. He's according DNC is reps say now he was not lip -- on Saturday alive a lot of people -- little singing turns out that he had. What they call -- vocal track underneath his life. So he wasn't facts will be -- and it's the Mike but there was a track I don't know -- according museums the only place. -- -- -- have taken or not I don't. Yeah so -- -- cheat sheets yet okay all right I'll go live and.

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{"id":20786054,"title":"Cher Wows on 'Dancing With the Stars'","duration":"3:00","description":"Cher gives the audience a thrill with a performance, three costume changes and judging dancers.","url":"/WNN/video/cher-wows-dancing-stars-20786054","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}