Chocolate Dessert as Artistic Expression

Jin Joo Chae uses Choco Pie snack cakes in her artistic commentary about North Korea.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chocolate Dessert as Artistic Expression
Many people can be an indulgence an obsession a vice even manna from heaven. But in North Korea it's being used as currency for factory workers in a country where more than thirteen million people suffer from malnutrition and one South Korean artist is using her art to raise awareness here's ABC's -- -- Where apple doing that gallery in New York City and this is a chocolate -- it's a popular South Korean dancer after one artist it's her medium -- -- -- -- was. Born and raised in South Korea. Just in the shadow Communist North Korea. Far enough away to be complacent about the struggles there and I think Harry I'll ask and different team and you can kind issues. In an industrial complex near the demilitarized zone between north and South Korea factory workers are employed from both countries. And the differences between the two emerged each payday. -- discovered that truck go by a South Korean chocolate and marshmallow snack was being used as a sort of currency. South Korean companies -- act. Banned from -- -- -- and employs cash bonus. Like for you being -- -- Zones. -- Saturday detained. Then we took -- he's had enough money instances. For North Korean worker whose monthly salary is around a 150 dollars. Chocolate pies represented that much more income earned by reselling the coveted snack in their country for three or four times its value and and -- -- until client landmark can. They could have ten dollars and -- worries that hundred grand right. Chain decided to use the -- go -- as a tool for political expression she melted down the chocolate -- screen printed images and in the likeness of Coca-Cola logos. In a nod to western influence in capitalism mr. -- -- much as -- these -- changes. And they christened -- the same time. Her Candice. North Korean newspapers. A move that would easily get her arrested in North Korea. In another piece viewers are encouraged to take a -- -- -- and need money for its perceived value. The daily average is recorded in displayed on an electronic ticker for visitors it's a tiny window into a mysterious and complex country. Giving attention to. US principled. Case eminent domain they can -- -- trend ABC news New York. Really fascinating -- -- South Korean newspaper reports the two and a half million chocolate pies are treated in north. Korea every month and by the way that exhibit the money goes to a nonprofit organization that helps rescue and resettled North Korean refugees would certainly go through -- -- And.

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{"id":22207610,"title":"Chocolate Dessert as Artistic Expression","duration":"3:00","description":"Jin Joo Chae uses Choco Pie snack cakes in her artistic commentary about North Korea.","url":"/WNN/video/chocolate-dessert-artistic-expression-22207610","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}