Chris Brown Case Costs Police Chief His Job

A California police chief resigns in the aftermath of Chris Brown violating probation.
3:22 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Brown Case Costs Police Chief His Job
Better -- good morning -- -- America. Far right. -- -- the Chris Brown case are right back in 2000 dying in the assault against his then girlfriend Rihanna now of course they're back together -- the whole mess there. But apparently the whole -- -- else calls. The police chief his job is apparently there was they -- it is an attorney is looking to the idea that maybe there are some discrepancies. In his community service requirement that he got as part of his probation meeting he didn't quite live up. Court prescribed obligations well now the chief of police in Richmond. Has decided to step down not giving exact reasons why but assuming that it is linked in this case. The mayor of that town on Tuesday accepted the resignation. Part of back in 2000 -- part of the case brown supposed to do a 180 days of community service is part of a five year probation. But there apparently were discrepancies in the report -- this police chiefs signed off on and now apparently it's cost him his. Job that more fallout. Pressing matters to me this is started just keeps getting worse and Mars. -- -- particularly out of them. Right to -- going moving on to much happier news yes not a celebrity -- and I would -- created. Yeah I remember in yeah -- second time -- Now her husband's Spanish actor Javier Bardem. I gest announce that they are -- and no word on an eighty sex no word on when the baby is due also. Oltmanns like -- Larry I'll also. Announced that they are pregnant with their first baby he's 54 she's 28. The heat she is -- yoga instructor. Fountains and apparently the baby's due this summer it's going to be the first child's. For her but vault into second child so that's really keep wanting assurance that. There will be some good looking kids you you can you can count on that -- years of -- folks. -- -- arguing -- -- fans out there apparently she has called off shoes this week in Chicago Auburn Hills, Michigan and Hamilton Canada because of chronic joint pain. -- she says she's actually been hiding from. Her fans out for -- as well -- -- steps so. Customer -- in a series of tweets that were set out on Tuesday she's saying. Hi I was I didn't credit would -- -- -- from my staff I didn't want to do is disappoint my amazing fans however after last night's performance I could not walk and steal. Chances she's apologizing saying I hope you forgive me but apparently this shows at -- the ultimate total force shows. As Lady Gaga apparently -- up she's a very physical performer you can imagine that -- -- somewhere terror bodies so -- she gets better students top. All those little monsters won't get you know. -- take its refined into another. Show we need to put this out there just because she's canceled shows doesn't mean that we we hate crime Twitter now because it happens all the time she's sick. Clever let's sleep well -- -- letter appealing to give you good good shall we promise that. OK I think it's interesting that Matt Damon is now protest going to the bathroom he says he will no longer go to the bathroom in protest of a global tragedy. He says -- everyone has access to clean water and sanitation he will go to the bathroom. But I find it hard to believe in the -- of -- and that he's not going to be able to use the bathroom. -- actually -- one or number two. Did anything he's gonna do neither -- met your full of it.

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{"id":18487257,"title":"Chris Brown Case Costs Police Chief His Job","duration":"3:22","description":"A California police chief resigns in the aftermath of Chris Brown violating probation.","url":"/WNN/video/chris-brown-case-costs-police-chief-job-18487257","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}