Chris Brown Checks Into Rehab

The troubled 24-year-old singer looks for anger management help.
3:45 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Chris Brown Checks Into Rehab
-- -- -- that we will talk about bad boy Chris Brown the latest charges he faces allegedly punching a guy in the nose was. Maybe trying to trespass on his tour bus maybe not. Please go to work that went out but at any rate. He's going to enter rehab trip LA as folks released a statement. They say Chris Brown was elected to enter rehab facility -- goal is to -- focus and insight. Into his past and recent behavior enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career for -- healthier vantage point. -- -- -- By the way -- when he was on probation that 2009 assault with -- -- girlfriend Rihanna as probation ends. August 25 2014. According to. Any arrests could be considered a violation of the probation so he could result in jail time so it's very serious stuff this is a little anecdote to -- it's pretty good one boxer Mike Tyson gave brown. Some advice this week told New York radio station quote Chris should know this -- -- not humble in this world. The world will -- home illness upon you how words of wisdom for Mike. That's from my tank hit -- all cable advertising in a changed man according to him yet. And -- understand these days all these artists and celebrities are going into rehab for one thing or another is another's rehab for people who are either racism rehab for anger management -- as a rehab because maybe he'd -- -- -- whatever and that's making them loose cannon I'm not sure about the -- back in the day you just weren't you know a tough guy macho man and punch everybody in the face challenges -- yourself when you are out -- public. And if you do something goofy these days you enter rehab it's sort of like a may have cult like us the I think that's -- that's what -- he's trying to do here with a -- okay -- And -- something. Bad news -- this so we all know that. Queen -- is on her tour the miss Carter world who are and -- Has decided that she is going to start photo bombing -- bands who are at these concerts taking southeast. This happened in Australia other it was so we don't go -- is taking a picture of herself and check out beyoncé and background. She's decided to -- -- -- in the middle of -- concert. Compose there she is this is Valentina -- she does senator -- page. It was such a -- I just remember her bending down to me and my friend tonight just turned for the photo wow wow wow what was the best moment ever are like she posed it's crazy there was an even expecting her to look at -- phone or -- in the crowd. Not only did she -- you she -- -- -- -- pretty critique. It's an -- about me anytime she -- All of them -- that. The Jonas Brothers confirming that -- splitting up the going to be on GMA later to give live the only live a explanation of this but they talk to People Magazine as well. And that they have a deep breath to the bad they decided three weeks ago to cancel the -- and some quotes it's over for now according to Kevin Jonas it's really hard to see forever -- that. It is closing -- chapter for sure it was a unanimous decision. Says -- -- they will be on Good Morning America later today to talk about their split in their only live interview about. Speaking of hits it's just keep coming -- -- Britney Spears apparently she is now. And -- The British Army and they trying to dissuade finale pirates from coming aboard their ships. They're sending out these sonar. And fighting -- home sonar sounds in. The atmosphere. And they're pumping britney's music. -- hoping that the Somali pirates will hear it and be deterred from coming aboard -- added. These range from mostly they say because they hate the western culture so much that they'll just -- in the other direction here Britain in the gonna -- Instead got hurt but -- some heavy metal giant metal or something. -- --

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{"id":20723832,"title":"Chris Brown Checks Into Rehab","duration":"3:45","description":"The troubled 24-year-old singer looks for anger management help.","url":"/WNN/video/chris-brown-checks-rehab-20723832","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}