Christmas at Disney World

ABC News' Rachel Scott takes us to the most magical place on earth for one of their biggest celebrations.
2:57 | 12/26/18

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Transcript for Christmas at Disney World
New York City the empire state buildings along lit up for Christmas. Clear skies and advantages come and bond. News for a man could send them never does so there is nothing like being home for the holidays but it only an air speed up someplace of them have. A bit more a lot more magical. I believe it or not. Christmas Day is one of the busiest days of the year at Disney World and our own ABC's very setter Rachel Scott has this world news now exclusive report. Air inside magic kingdom of Puerto park opens and if fans streamed including my. The wonderful time of the year at the most magical place on earth we're taking you inside all of the holiday magic here at Walt Disney World. When it comes to the holidays Walt Disney World knows how to make this season Mary embrace. And of course it takes a little the next. I I'm so why did say that dissects her all we want everyone feels like it is completely transformed overnight. But it actually takes every night act them. As the clock strikes midnight the team works as smoothly as CNN el. Pinging more than 161000. Lights streak to eight miles of garlic. It deck street about 12100 trees the result a holiday make over that is sure to make Mickey Mouse trap. It's sell one person from that music. Chew the food to the shows. There's no better place to be. There's still some really cool holiday of pero. And if you'll look for a sweet treat. Disney's resorts have you covered would shine a dazzling gingerbread display. I hear there's a woman known as a gave me the gingerbread lady she's a legend around here you know him and evening standard Bradley. Yet but added this event may play years now this is my twentieth year iPad ladies this past week that we're here. Twenty years ago I think that we want to come back to ask to speak. If they keep your friend's house can still hear them up pint sized Greyhound live five to direct half yards out with chocolate. Now the times I don't blame it behind each and every piece. No hardware needed for this house just 101000 pieces of real gingerbread an 800 pounds of flour. A special surprise me this visit even sweeter. Yeah. Whether it's casing your way through the parks and resorts dipping alarms entertainment watch the fireworks lighted the sky. Disney plans to keep the spirit of the holiday season running through the new year. Everyone. In Orlando Rachel Scott ABC news. A huge thanks to Rachel there Walt Disney company of course our parent company Disney.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott takes us to the most magical place on earth for one of their biggest celebrations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60015757","title":"Christmas at Disney World","url":"/WNN/video/christmas-disney-world-60015757"}