'A Christmas Story' Shines on Broadway

A musical adaptation of the 1983 movie sets tongue mishaps and electric leg lamps to song.
3:00 | 12/16/13

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Transcript for 'A Christmas Story' Shines on Broadway
Tonight the holiday season is tourist season in New York City the likes shopping shows once great choice while you're here in the musical adaptation. -- America's favorite holiday movie. Also happens to me how work. Favorite story of the day a Christmas story the musical is running through the month of December here's a look. It's an American classic. The American experience. A Christmas story the movie captured all the hassles of the holiday -- humor everyone saw a little something of their own family in the parkers from -- -- quests -- a red -- BB gun to the old man's leg went toward. And it. It was a movie that even prompted generations of kids to consider sticking their tons to a metal pole. This timeless -- is now the musical production bringing the story of ground TNT scrambling to the stage that's -- than life. The musical takes -- story further with a score that brings down the house -- -- imagination can run wild. Peter Billingsley who played ralphie in the -- one of the show's producers he says the musical captures the spirit. Of the film this. And really into the -- musical format of the eccentric tone in the movie all the fantasy sequences that -- handle the dreams that he had. The company begins with. An incident and take the same intensity it's in the movie but they extended the brightest star on the stage -- young kid. Place around the whole thing wide eyed wonder this. This one of the guys who are -- Like -- -- look like when terrible news double -- but he's amazing in. But I have to be natural. So I realized from the movie he's very -- Certain moments like -- he's not. Nashville I kind of take -- The musical also stars Dan Lauria as the narrator gene Sheppard whose writings inspired the film. It's actually been fun for us because so many of -- more adults than kids. Hook and with that -- -- children and what have you done my favorite movie. But I'll go on the -- say -- display is much stronger than they'll. Story takes place in the -- and the movie was released in the eighties the Christmas story is a timeless narrative. It's about a young -- hopes an Indiana. -- is really the only person -- he never -- He just seem to know Michael that it's. Sort of father son component. And always took him because it had been -- from the North Sea and about a 150 -- A lot of fun and -- man that looks like something that I could act actually watch and take my kids see -- -- runs Madison Square Garden through December 29 that movie you know it -- sort of started out slow and really turn into a. Classic and now there -- generations of families that will get together and that's what they do on absolutely watch that movie yet. They're people I know I can call the entire movement has been included in the shoot your eye out kid that was AM -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- --

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{"id":21232451,"title":"'A Christmas Story' Shines on Broadway","duration":"3:00","description":"A musical adaptation of the 1983 movie sets tongue mishaps and electric leg lamps to song.","url":"/WNN/video/christmas-story-shines-broadway-21232451","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}