Cleveland Women Freed: Neighbor Says Suspect 'Friendly,' 'Charismatic'

ABC News' Alex Perez speaks with Juan Perez, who lived two doors down from the kidnapping suspect.
2:03 | 05/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cleveland Women Freed: Neighbor Says Suspect 'Friendly,' 'Charismatic'
Turning to our top story the miracle in Cleveland one of the suspects in this case seemed to lead an ordinary life neighbors say they had no idea there was anything amiss inside this home. One man who lived two doors down from the home for more than twenty years says suspect aerial Castro was a friendly and charismatic guy and now he says. He and his neighbors are shaken. You -- shocked yes -- new aerial tour lifetime inside his own mom. Nice guy charismatic. Com he's -- -- young. Dennis four Wheeler and get on it you know Brad -- -- here is consistent and then asking -- -- -- It was a it was a fun guy I mean Harris trust and parents tonight. He was. He was as a regular guy on the street you know they had a four Wheeler that has some banks that parents -- -- -- the kids. Get on the -- -- him and he was just he was just loving happy you know he put on that great -- everyone thought it was a good guy. When you heard these Houston possibly having -- -- -- -- understand ground element. I should be happy and excited ecstatic that he found them at same time I feel hurt my my my my heart is -- Rough right now to know that this happened to -- from me that none of us noticed anything. I feel ashamed of myself my community right now. And in this neighborhood that we didn't see anything so right now. -- a you know I -- -- independence and -- did that was just guys like. No way. -- -- -- -- -- The fear some of what could happen now is. If you look at -- habits of a friend and I was young and my sister like that's just -- it's an impossible killing. ABC's -- expressed their engineering neighbor who lived two doors down powerful stuff police say the three women were held against their will in a home in Cleveland it was just. A few miles away from where they disappeared three Brothers now arrested.

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{"id":19123092,"title":"Cleveland Women Freed: Neighbor Says Suspect 'Friendly,' 'Charismatic'","duration":"2:03","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez speaks with Juan Perez, who lived two doors down from the kidnapping suspect.","url":"/WNN/video/cleveland-women-freed-neighbor-suspect-friendly-charismatic-19123092","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}