Cold weather gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off his picks of cheap new winter-ready gear.
3:35 | 11/16/20

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Transcript for Cold weather gadgets
Good morning and welcome back it's already hold his eyes across many parts of the country but fear not. We've got some low cost gadgets to help keep you warm and toasty our gives whiz Dick DeBartolo is hot under the collar. To tell us about them good morning Dick day it's almost time to switch those earbuds out. For a warmer option what do you have for us. Absolutely his way to take phone calls listen to music and stay you warm. All winter is coming tell you I like to have the music cozy little control panel. Here give Bluetooth five point follow you put them on nice police lying you can listen to music built in stereo speakers. Built in microphone make phone calls and being more. Gotta love it. Did next option that you have when I live in Cleveland I lived and died by hand warmer is but I was through the mouth you have a different kind of hand warmer all. This is great day this does a lot more than more on the hands take a peek at this. This is a foreign one OK you push this and hold it down tells you what temperature it is said that. And it's warming up both sides. Then what's it about this is. Push it in fast twice you get an LED flashlight. Pushing and fast three times and it's now a massage or. But wait there's more. Its a 101000 million battery and that you can actually show or your phone where the. Keeping your hands warm is really important when it starts getting cold you have another option for doing just that right. Yes these are really great and I'll show you what they look like sky genius clubs there warm just the way they are put it it's really cold out just push to broaden on the gloves. And they will saw heating up you can adjust the temperature with that button. There are bettors inside and they rechargeable. And the finger tips can be used on touch screens. Both sewing war and that we are just warming up what else do you have for us this gadget here and a tailored it is if you just watch the British know what this core is its and heated garage for your mouse that's right. I have a wireless malice and here. But you can put a wired mouse in here that uses US beat the heat he took to about a 113 degrees. So you hand Walgreen nice and warm. As you use your man talks. Dick that's perfect for all those people who are working from home nowadays. And then if you haven't britches symbol are. Poor circulation the heat will help definitely that we talked about how to keep yourself warm but how do you keep cold air coming into a warm house. Well you could roll up an old Talbot he is a way more fun way. The expression get a long little dog eat what you should get along little dog you'd like this cute guy he's 36 inches long long enough to block cold dress from coming on the door. He bugs out to and is also a long little V. That can do the same sing. Look at that you adopted two pets as well. He. Jack going and is even his Seaver in a juror asked so there's endless animals. Got a lot of will read these and other gadgets help you keep you warm this winter head on over to Dick's website gives was done bids. As well as our own website WN and fans dot com Dick DeBartolo think he was always. For joining us guess flat. The mix is masks.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off his picks of cheap new winter-ready gear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74229745","title":"Cold weather gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/cold-weather-gadgets-74229745"}