College Athlete Gives Up Athletic Career for Bone Marrow Transplant

A track star agrees to donate bone marrow even if it ends his season early.
2:53 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for College Athlete Gives Up Athletic Career for Bone Marrow Transplant
-- All right -- an excellent start out one that make us feel good about people. Which we need to do at this time right now at a college athlete he goes to the University of New Hampshire is they just -- -- Well in his sophomore year his team with the courage to -- there cheeks to join the bone marrow registry. He signed up to get his mouth swab and basically they said the other one in five million chance of ever really matching -- -- family member. He throws the shot put on the track team. Well turns out he in fact -- to somebody and down they asked him to donate. And in fact he says yes and he is gonna -- but it means he's not going to be able to finish out the track season he's -- undergo the procedure at Massachusetts general hospital Boston. He won't be able to lift anything over twenty -- for weeks -- essentially either a forfeit the remainder of his collegiate career. To help someone out who matches. Fat cells in -- good for him good for him battle bless him -- for him. OK so this is a very important anniversary in case you did not know 85 anniversary of YouTube really -- -- eight years ago. This guy right here first one that's the first line that is he called can -- you -- -- San Diego Zoo is essentially says meet me at the -- and then a couple of other things that the -- behind and that in the very first U2 video and our ever. -- Neil Armstrong them. News and yes he was the first man on YouTube Barry yeah. Years ago eight years ago. -- And also when he we have a really interesting several once in awhile somebody -- -- blood. Video somebody who's just my sentences -- Just out of a dentist and his kind of -- little disoriented and this is the latest one this is hand apple. Would have to think that she is -- more famous hand then do you. -- the only full life to. Its. And -- fuel yeah -- may have -- -- -- Hannah Montana people who -- convincing your. What is it drives business yeah you can Montana she now. And Montana her name -- -- she's Hannah she thinks she's trying to convince her mother that she's Hannah Montana Vermont obviously is trying to tell her no you're my hands -- -- She goes on to say like I don't have to do with the paparazzi -- diet. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's been a couple more there hasn't seen Kidd in the backseat was caught -- in the car there was another wanna do another. Older girl like this who -- upset she thought that her wisdom to format -- We've got to get some of that stuff I have every kid. The cards provide help. -- -- all right -- men apparently a more romantic than women at least that's a study coming out of the UK found that 48% of men say they have fallen in love at first sight. 28% of women can claim the same things that I -- our -- are claiming that you write yeah. They like what they see hundreds.

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{"id":19020454,"title":"College Athlete Gives Up Athletic Career for Bone Marrow Transplant","duration":"2:53","description":"A track star agrees to donate bone marrow even if it ends his season early. ","url":"/WNN/video/college-athlete-athletic-career-bone-marrow-transplant-19020454","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}