Comic Con attendees find confidence in cosplay

ABC News' Tom Kelly meets up with attendees in costumes who reveal what cosplay really means to them.
5:05 | 10/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comic Con attendees find confidence in cosplay
Well it's not every day that you see superheroes just you know porn out to the streets in New York City Manhattan unless you go to Times Square. Then I have every seen among other than opt comic con is one of the weirdest scenes every year in new York and that really is saying a lot of one of the more normal people that we know of Tom Kelly is here you checked it out. There is not normal to stretch and I've been at a comic con many times report and this time I looked over my shyness in a single down. And got to get the node special group of my friendly neighborhood. Comic con attendees. I've attended New York comic con every year for the past eleven years. I've seen it grow into one of the premier pop culture events in the world. And while some people come for to big premieres these celebrities and the merchandise. Other people. Explain 'cause played as someone who knows nothing about it. Costume playing. Conflict costliest simply defined as the practice of dressing up character in the movie book or video game. But for many. Some allure meaningful experience. I'm retired Wonder Woman. Trinket in its free to look. When you Wonder Woman what what's retirement like. It's full of I think have really strong sense that phenom parent that comes with underground and I'm shy guy but as the Joker. I feel like confident and room with that's too. Here we go grading and I went out guns and imagine Florida's Captain America. My insecurities and spandex clinging to mine not knowing. Can you give me some advice and looking like a better Captain America. Exercise. Okay. This has begun told him he'd exercises. With the help. I think that is crane from that age mutant ninja turtles hot from the tank in the. Or you just know. Dresses here. We actually. I'm my eyes are on here is through. I've ever come of it. They in the match and I'm having trouble for that night appearing on that's it right now it's not crank it Farnham Zola own Captain America. Villain from the comic book tell me about got this right so can cause play is where Pitt I dress up. And people posed to take pictures with us role play would be if we actually started fighting each other. No role playing it would be when you pretend to play the job. Whereas if we actually fought each other that's not role plate that's a breakdown. I don't need appellate. Sir you're exposing midriff paddy field. I wears I'm exposing my being ripped and I feel very young couple articles wearing a costume was the ultimate icebreaker. There was an excuse for people to come up and say hi. They were just saying hi to Tom Kelly. They were saying hi to Captain America. I killed every healthy I can't make every Captain America I got ready every I don't. And Captain America had an invitation to get in on the fun. Ladies and gentlemen the sixteenth president of the united state. Gates Abraham Lincoln and now we're going to do what M. Captain America where there to save Abraham Lincoln from John Wilkes Booth. The users could do was weird I've found that for shy people like me can't play went to express the very best parts of yourself as you pretend to be someone else. Yeah. Here creative palate is say I can beat whoever and do whatever it coming in really cut loose and once a year I didn't feel like an absolute rock star. And why don't. And then Spiderman. And this is down. It would have been better be said ABC news is. One good inhaled it is yes. I didn't know Burke America. A little band I had my you know there's so much Tom packed there. What was the highlight the highlight for me what is it going in costume I've done this for eleven years in a row I've never gone in costume. And was amazing how differently people treated me when I was in constant strangers were coming up to make friends with me. I even. Made friends that girls were trying to pick me up. It was also what yeah well what I tell you exercise yes yes. I don't want another good wing man not a wing man alive in the San Diego on use of the city goes much much bigger than this one yes this is on the white disease gets quite the scene and it's something you don't get New York any right you've made the time squared you're going to work but the difference here is none of those costumes and then bugs in them that indeed.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"ABC News' Tom Kelly meets up with attendees in costumes who reveal what cosplay really means to them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58460097","title":"Comic Con attendees find confidence in cosplay","url":"/WNN/video/comic-con-attendees-find-confidence-cosplay-58460097"}