The Most Complete Traffic Map Has Been Created

Urban planners have looked at traffic patterns in some cities to find ways to avoid traffic jams.
2:56 | 02/19/13

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Transcript for The Most Complete Traffic Map Has Been Created
Welcome back everybody this story and find funny it had a really interesting because what my pet -- in life. Sitting in traffic I go nuts and that starts die and then I go to actually say I have no -- that whatsoever office space direct hit -- -- Target city did a study back in December and now -- being reported in this journal called scientific reports -- what it did was look at almost 700000. Drivers in Boston and the traffic patterns do their cellphones -- -- Where they -- worthy and from origin to destination at actually what it came a -- with more the most detailed maps of urban traffic patterns. Ever constructed what Teradata traffic -- to provide early -- -- just a few drivers not the -- -- don't you wonder wire results. Yeah I -- there -- over crowded. So look at that no overnight solutions here but perhaps again -- if he shows some patterns and urban planners can -- down the road. To create better roads for all of -- get to work and less time than sitting in traffic. Thing going nuts -- getting the good power of the self I think is yes. The story are they getting tracking from your house to work at -- however what's going and maybe feel better highway systems down the road. And is speaking -- -- a store in Boston aims to 82 hours on the map I it is a nightmare they had most big cities are -- our own cellphone well. Talk about this is a quick fix have you ever wanted to drink as much as you ever wanted to drink and not wake up -- -- I don't like Al Paulson now. And and -- -- -- -- -- do like alcohol. Apparently there are scientists in English you have come up with a U. -- boxing hill so present and I'm instant Amitabh -- -- I'm feeling reduced in the blood alcohol level in your system. It's being compared to a million little livers in your gut. In the early stages being tested on mice not able to be tested on humans yet but the medical. People that are in charge of this huddled behind this in England do envision that this'll be -- -- the lime Rickey doesn't -- until now we never did not even getting. His incredible I want it to -- -- -- -- many of these players like yeah I'm. Talking about also finally some proof here about. Men and women do things differently not just because of the -- run upward gender stereotypes but literally our brains are wired differently a new study -- according to the Daily Mail here think that 80000 brain scans and has proved no white men and women who approach things. -- differently. Women have more brain cells in the pre frontal cortex which controls judgment planning and conscientious -- men have more gray matter that -- of the brain that covers and it. It governs intelligence so we are more inclined to tackle tasks -- single single minded focus would have a larger areas of the brain dedicated to gut feelings. And the male pattern indicates that we are far more concern about problem solving their emotions and we're smarter than you right. I think that's what you say but.

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{"id":18534641,"title":"The Most Complete Traffic Map Has Been Created","duration":"2:56","description":"Urban planners have looked at traffic patterns in some cities to find ways to avoid traffic jams.","url":"/WNN/video/complete-traffic-map-created-18534641","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}