Congressional Democrats to hold health care hearing

Nurses from across the country are in the nation's capital in support of a Medicare-for-all plan. ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports.
2:17 | 04/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Congressional Democrats to hold health care hearing
Back in Washington congressional Democrats are holding a hearing today over the controversial Medicare for all legislation the bill would cost the government trillions of dollars but the idea how to gain momentum ahead of the 20/20 elections and it's backed by the largest nurses' union in the country. ABC's Mary Alice parks has more from Capitol Hill. In their scrubs and in the street nurses around. The wrong that Washington. Protesting in front of a pharmaceutical research headquarters. He's health care professional shouting that private insurance and big drug companies are driving up health care cost yeah. The effects they say are deadly. Hundreds of nurses are on call. In the nation's capital they're lending their support this legislation and they say that when it comes to health care they know backs. Nurse is that the front line and said they see every single day pace since that have to cut their Bill Clinton. Have to make decisions on whether they can pay the rent or the mortgage. And what we see our the end result where they. Have had to make those decisions and are sicker and in the hospital longer. Because they couldn't afford their treatments. This mother says she delayed getting a root canal because her family was under water with her daughter's medical bills. Left untreated dental issues spiraled into an action that cost her most her teeth. Even now we had private insurance and Medicaid waiver it financially devastated my family. To the point where I had to make choices between her health care and buying all of this just because our health sit care system failed us. They want the government to provide insurance for every one. In order for us to have health care justice the people writing the policy have to live by it as well. And on the question of the legislation's high price tag play as they answer from Harrison. We're already paying solve much more than every other industrialized. Country and getting glass and having worse outcomes. We can afford not to do that as. During its price sixteen campaign senator Bernie Sanders champion this Medicare for all legislation and this large nurses union backed him during that campaign. But this go round there are a lot of candidates are supporting some are legislation and so the nurses' union says they're still going through a process to make a formal endorsement. Kenneth today our thanks Mary Alice their Washington.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Nurses from across the country are in the nation's capital in support of a Medicare-for-all plan. ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62722181","title":"Congressional Democrats to hold health care hearing","url":"/WNN/video/congressional-democrats-hold-health-care-hearing-62722181"}