Consumer Reports: Ground Turkey Warning

Scientific tests reveal that 90 percent of 257 samples of ground turkey are tainted with bacteria.
1:27 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Consumer Reports: Ground Turkey Warning
New scientific tests done on many brands of ground Turkey reveal almost all of it was tainted. Consumer reports tested 250 samples of ground Turkey. 90% of it contained E. Coli -- Salmonella or other forms of infection causing germs. Some bacteria strains are resistant to antibiotics. Scientists now strongly -- thoroughly cooking ground Turkey until it's no longer pink to avoid getting sick. This makes me sick because -- I am among I think millions of Americans who decide to use Turkey and -- ground because we think it's better for Turkey sausage for instance in the day was in the supermarket -- and and Turkey bacon -- wells and kind of thing that love the real stuff but -- massive if you -- why not and that's the best way to -- -- an hour hearing that can make you -- and other -- and more dangerous ways which is not good the other side of this -- The Turkey industry calling it misleading they haven't explained why well I guess if you cook it thoroughly disliked -- the report descended to cook it so it's not pink. I imagine everything's here okay there is a recommendation though continues -- natural antibiotic free and organic brands if you really want to be saved or just took out quicker. But now where we have that doubt our minds going I now I don't think I'm getting tech any times and and the -- chicken sausage and chicken bacon and make such a thing I. They danced through the purchase wanted to actually whenever.

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{"id":19080633,"title":"Consumer Reports: Ground Turkey Warning","duration":"1:27","description":"Scientific tests reveal that 90 percent of 257 samples of ground turkey are tainted with bacteria.","url":"/WNN/video/consumer-reports-ground-turkey-warning-19080633","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}