New content to binge this weekend

ABC’s Will Ganss breaks down the best new binges from ‘Blackpink’ to a star-studded Netflix film getting Oscar buzz!
2:11 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for New content to binge this weekend
The riots disturbed by the Chicago Police Department just in. Nobody objected. Out today the trial of the Chicago seven banging the gavel to announce the start of awards movie season. Aaron Sorkin is legal drama is the true stories of Chicago protesters on trial in the late 1960s. It's timely yes and the cast is stacked. Oscar winner Eddie read main Emmy winner got jobs will Mateen Golden Globe winner Sasha baron Cohen and still many more. Or if you're stocked up on tissues that are looking to cry your eyes out so what is it I plan to do boost my one wild and precious life. Term. It's really simple actually. It's sort of make people had. Clouds tells the true story of a Minnesota team with terminal cancer. Who uses its last months to create inspiring music with his best prank that streaming now on C plus. Or if you're looking for something lighter. Black pink light of this guy a brand new documentary about the world's most popular a pop girl group. Trending right now on Netflix and it has a 100%. On rotten tomatoes. Speaking of music new music from the deep south this morning this song is called lowly and in music video stars Jacob trembling. Room. Or if you need a break from the multi media let's take a look at the world news now community calendar the Montrose Colorado scarecrow festival is this weekend entering your own creation for a chance to win free tickets to the garden of lights. But don't even think about including live animals or fire in your display. Bats against the rules. Or if you're near the Pennsylvania Ohio border in this is the last weekend for Christmas in the woods your chance to buy festive gifts. A Christmas classic that inexplicably ends before Halloween even began its. Tis the season I guess. I guest list and according to the queen of country herself it really is this season already check out Dolly Parton spring and Christmas album. A holly jolly Christmas if your into rocking around the Christmas tree a little early this year. That is your weekend right down. Spain's Nadal much will bands and it's Friday. A data kids.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"ABC’s Will Ganss breaks down the best new binges from ‘Blackpink’ to a star-studded Netflix film getting Oscar buzz! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73651773","title":"New content to binge this weekend","url":"/WNN/video/content-binge-weekend-73651773"}