Cookie Monster Changes His Eating Habits

The popular "Sesame Street" character will now exhibit patience around cookies.
2:55 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Cookie Monster Changes His Eating Habits
I got the next and times have changed on Sesame Street the cookie monster -- cookies all the time anytime all the time it took. -- cookie monster sort of going through a bit of -- growth -- he is now learning some self restraint he's done being taught that if you actually pace yourself. Sometimes you say no then maybe sometimes you get a little extra when the time is right. This is yeah they're trying to teach kids -- It's easy way. Not just the way now and then I think that sometimes anyway it's against single instead of one seventeens and Elliott. They've got self control. Invitation. Long term one you know -- you can help you succeed in life I don't know I like -- cookie monster it's scary to stuff I. Reckless abandon pace but that I suppose it is good -- yeah is that when we will talk about than in the meeting I was worried that this could be misconstrued as a cookie monster is on a diet. But I can't see that could -- as a sign attached to it and he's talking about waiting that's about not -- it -- get it gets you anyway CS -- liking -- -- it's almost like life. If you patient and you do the right things hopefully you get a reward right. I get it I get angry now. Here's the here's a study which I think is incredible because I think the thought of it this far ahead that you diet one that's the right in the sweet spot of this study out of Oxford University that. That you need to continue reading to your kids up to age of nine and beyond. To make sure that you boost their academic results and that's something that he usually -- you know six or seven it's bedtime story enter your -- -- -- bedtime story. Well it says he continue because that's right when kids are starting to learn to love to read that's when they're mastering the skill. As you essentially are helping them. And become a better reader and you learn to love what they're doing as opposed it just -- being something that they do for school C continue on with it. And that not only have they learned in a different study they've learned that if they -- -- they're good at math are good at English that would extends beyond and it if you didn't get got. -- the my daughter loves to -- she always has she reads big grown up books she's recommended books to makes a while now. But thank you can read get Cadbury Adams and sports books -- -- the registered in. If the boys whatever our homeless man returns a backpack full of cash. This happened they found this backpack at the mall in Boston Police were alerted of -- 2400 dollars cash. Almost 40000 dollars in travelers checks more times -- -- best buy employee claimed it and all get a good samaritan gave back amazing in itself. You wanna know what's the best boy in my employee doing with 40000 dollars and in a duffel back. We haven't offered an explanation apparently so I'm sure there's a little curiosity going on I wonder what the kudos to the goods and out. Then and it wants to -- questions about the news. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The popular \"Sesame Street\" character will now exhibit patience around cookies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20267630","title":"Cookie Monster Changes His Eating Habits","url":"/WNN/video/cookie-monster-eating-habits-20267630"}