Couple Gets Drunk To Tell The Story Of How They Met

Inspired by Comedy Central's "Drunk History," a Los Angeles couple narrated their entire love story while intoxicated.
2:54 | 09/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple Gets Drunk To Tell The Story Of How They Met
And it is time for the mix and we're gonna start with alcohol okay. The public is it makes everything better hitters are familiar with the Comedy Central TV show about. You know that. Call drunk history OK it's. Gives us a history of America lick turned up this hour hello America and it's very popular with this one couple Justin Williams and that millions of kids who were getting married so. At their wedding they did their own version of drug history okay showing their own personal tour history of their relationship Clinton. Those views sushi. And apparently like. She low sushi. Issues like. Yeah. Aides say aids jet age. Say Jay. Led to game the heated now. Good it is pretty funny so during the like this twelve minute video that aired during their wedding. They actually got slightly paired up during the taping of it so really liquor yes it was their drunk history of their dark history together. Q that's better than when they go through all the photos of when you're a child to present day. Yes we're entertaining and soon maybe people will that'll take off others will follow this helps prevent troop. You know speaking of love that's young folks can learn a lot from the elegantly. About love executed including airport arrivals look at this older man waiting British club at this live with those flower. At his video on YouTube. 340000. Hit it was. 07. She times if you rate. Get flowers and people armed men in the best I have a couple of theories about this. That's not his wife he expects actually is mistress no. Continental. And Dan but truth be told Betsy alternate ending to Titanic. To get up at shipment to get every night this Leo did not die. Oh okay. So you don't forget about teaching a cat how to fact check out this that the phone rings. Porter has a landline anymore. A cat answers it. Telemarketer. Ex boyfriend ex girlfriend. He's gonna pick it up then let it hang out there and get some 2800 view since this was posted ferry Kitsap yeah it. You know no fingers no man who don't. No problem yet if you want to play the piano hit sapped by. Who says what he can't play instruments backfire resist rot. We can't our government yeah forget about Americans and Marilyn and I think that.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Inspired by Comedy Central's \"Drunk History,\" a Los Angeles couple narrated their entire love story while intoxicated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33621641","title":"Couple Gets Drunk To Tell The Story Of How They Met","url":"/WNN/video/couple-drunk-story-met-33621641"}