Couple Recreates Scene From '101 Dalmatians' for Engagement Photos

Tony Collier and his fiancée Corinne Jones recreated the scene from Disney's "101 Dalmatians" when Roger and Anita first meet and fall in love.
2:55 | 09/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple Recreates Scene From '101 Dalmatians' for Engagement Photos
Because you know the big thing I guess nowadays for all those people who are in love them into that bad. His head and visit these engagement photos and people go to different places and departments and this one particular coupled they've decided to do that Disney theme. Engagement photo thing which I guess this part of a craze and they didn't sort of on homage to the 1961 film. The 201 dalmatians and you guys all remember the scene of course from that that movie. Well this is there take. Not at fault this is part of the series in there are engagement photos and made. Wrangled some family members to help them on the day of fishing where but if hope's death. Mothers insisted assisted in the doling out the dog treats and help them all out what that they did great on the outfits. Really this newest. He didn't drop her and it's not a thing. Yeah that is helping out of Africa batsman Carl. And you kinda fat yes it's back. A move they took a string of movie let's hear the folks over at burger affection and stitching together. To show you why not long chain of different movie calls from various movies to look. And look for you why. Roof and you. Who can you. Look now are owed a total condom gonna try to hurt you lament among youth and to let it go walked toward at all with the. Like any event compared to the telephone. Shares opus please. Come back and never ending any money here kind of brilliant it's pretty eyes. And hooded if we use the telephone so much it's an infant who knew that we had land mines. Your bags and all right so where did it over in the UK they decided to take a look at the best and worst office views. Should be interest and so this guy. Exams and you have a role this is the pole with a photo that he put out. The Norfolk in the UK and it's you know river and stream and he says this is his office he spends a lot of time cutting grass and that. His office that was voted best. This was voted the worse. It's most depressing view of an office when they're this is that window this is Melanie Jones. It's that's her beautiful view there. That is a domestic. Okay. Ever wonder what it's like to look inside him. I worry about talk about them from Florida they way to be attacked by crocodiles National Geographic showed us what it's like. To be attracted inside the mouth of a rocket out take a look war. There you go that's what it's like if you were sucked up inside and out of the crocodile DC the teens these dogs now we'll all realize. This is why we steak the way I like that jaw dropping video credit thank god cannot. I have no interest in.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Tony Collier and his fiancée Corinne Jones recreated the scene from Disney's \"101 Dalmatians\" when Roger and Anita first meet and fall in love.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33826260","title":"Couple Recreates Scene From '101 Dalmatians' for Engagement Photos","url":"/WNN/video/couple-recreates-scene-101-dalmatians-engagement-photos-33826260"}