Couples Rush to the Alter on 11/12/13

The second to last sequential date of the century means couples want that special anniversary.
2:55 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Couples Rush to the Alter on 11/12/13
-- I welcome into -- -- sell every year there's one -- that really gets everybody telling whether it's 123 depending on the a year into the big flyer follow me here in 2000 debris. I'm here Saturday night January 2 OK well it happens to be 2013 and that of course -- That's good day today -- everybody's going to be very excited about 111230 -- and -- -- -- the twelfth 2013 and here's the -- everybody wants to get married apparently. Nationwide an estimated 3000 -- their plan to get married today added that 722%. In Curry's battle. Now that we're -- 2012 that wasn't that exciting though they have if you look at what would be able to tell their grandkids that that the data they got married -- -- that president personally. It's also global kind of say did you but it. That's because it's a special -- that's why it's international acts of kindness that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah how to tell -- that in these wonderful tonight. -- -- -- -- Also getting this in China they have -- singles date initially picked. It gives all I was yesterday was Monday were -- there's Lexington. You don't have anything else going on in your sex life to come shop -- going to retail therapy at a fairly it is huge there in the first. Hours in trading alone customers and spent. One point six billion on China's biggest online trading platform they spent eight billion by the end of the day which -- compared to 2.3 million on our Cyber Monday here in America so folks in China was singled. Cars shell out some bucks. Isn't singles -- I think today with a singles are treated next single ready to mingle. Sell Halloween -- -- the official list is out of the top twenty words that were used in 2013. This is by the global language monitor. And we're talking about you words that were used on the web and that number. -- words they're like phrases really the number one word was for a fourth. We set for move forward he references to technical glitch on the web that's true yeah okay and that I'm like yeah I -- to -- them to technical error. The second most used word was -- McFadden got credit transferred from Twitter -- you know everything right surveillance and -- deficit running at the top five home yet. If news business we recognize although he really. Noted all the stuff that it -- the -- -- -- But the problem the study involving -- giant. They get to this story here there isn't sure use the Illinois Christian science church and they discovered that from the air and just take going -- this thing. Shape exude that these -- -- submitted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't you what do you know what it looks like let you know concerning the -- and I think I -- like formula so hung up yeah.

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{"id":20859750,"title":"Couples Rush to the Alter on 11/12/13 ","duration":"2:55","description":"The second to last sequential date of the century means couples want that special anniversary.","url":"/WNN/video/couples-rush-alter-111213-20859750","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}