Cuba's Art Scene Flourishes

U.S. art collectors could soon be heading to Cuba to take advantage of the country's vibrant art market.
2:01 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for Cuba's Art Scene Flourishes
The US and Cuba into goals are to normal relations ended decades of animosity the island nation so close to our shores could soon be a popular tourist destination. And he will visitors though a funny Q that. Has a flourishing artistic life and ABC's Mike that though got an early look. Americans' fascination with Cuba has rarely extended past cars and to guard us. And global fund street Vanna that plenty of eye catching competition. Art is everywhere in Cuba from the streets to the schools. To a few high end galleries. Here at a crafts market in Havana artwork from dozens of local artists power over the catalyst towards that find their way that this massive where paths. On the other side of town select galleries represent those few that have earned international attention and command sky high prices. And those looking to make a name for themselves are here at the university parts of Cuba. We're promising young artists enjoy a free education and a chance to hone their skills. And maybe one day add their name to a growing list of notable alumni. EU noting that a second Wang I don't know if that want to listen when singing act. Deepak. But while the education ministry artistic freedom still comes at a premium in Cuba. In December performance artist Tanya program I was arrested for attempting to stage an open like performance in the revolution square in Havana. And other artists are being detained for work that is openly critical of the government. Still there are those who contend that censorship has declined significantly in the last two decades with Fidel Castro's brother Rao was succession marking a turning port. And with imminent trade and travel relaxation to the US there may soon be a new batch of our collectors headed to Cuba. You'll be instilled means today Goudelock coming. You don't get out of days it'll phenomenal discipline I got but it fat dumb and they. Mike pickle ABC news Havana. I cough. Both vacation in new vacations buns I a lot of Americans are originate America how it played some things like that they can't wait.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"U.S. art collectors could soon be heading to Cuba to take advantage of the country's vibrant art market. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31461708","title":"Cuba's Art Scene Flourishes","url":"/WNN/video/cubas-art-scene-flourishes-31461708"}