Dad Called Out for Doing Daughter's Hair

A father's masculinity is called out after a photo surfaces of him brushing his daughter's hair.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Transcript for Dad Called Out for Doing Daughter's Hair
Welcome back everyone time for the -- and something that some people might say is a little bit controversial. With celebrity interviews of Los Angeles father who became an Internet sensation distributed daddy is a flawed called daddy doing work. And he posted a photo on the blog of him doing. His daughter's hair. Easy -- photo right there. This baby style and implemented -- -- I see that I think OK good friend he's been good that he's getting some negative comments. It was and I probably -- -- -- kids they don't even look like he responded by saying I have posted his quote small pocket of -- haters. What did you put your big boy pants on and get in on the revolution of good fathers what do you think -- I think -- that okay for -- to -- -- Daughter's hair so literally I think that's a mayday and how would more fathers should followed his lead I would do my daughter's -- for like. Today until they said -- -- c'mon do it isn't easy -- -- -- so good at. -- through -- is a video of this guy this is. Incredible I've never seen someone with skills like that they call him that -- of fingers. And you can see why this is a guy named John hunt in California and I guess what he's doing is called. -- -- -- -- It I guess -- mimicking the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in some way so I'm to this video was it was posted online getting a bunch of followers and yes he is now declared that king of fingers I want -- there's a moment he's out there wondering -- -- was -- his. Hey hey -- All right. Something all of us tend to dream about the very few of us can actually do this new study average. That shows that the age 38 is the best time in your life to take a sabbatical. So sabbaticals basically when you take a break from -- say Oscar nominee travel -- -- -- being. Chunk of time off 38 is the best year because most of -- noted this study shows that you know you are financially secure. You've got a sense of where you want to travel. You get a sense of where you wanna go and hopefully you'll have a job when you come back. And there you are -- sabbatical. Map saying that was not sabbatical he had -- hard work but that's you know how hard it is get -- up on one of those things. -- -- like the one photo where I wasn't in the water screaming in -- -- saying I get me out again yeah. Ohio -- to this this next story the so he'd be the first high ranking politician. Ever has come forward. A telling more about his beliefs that he says that there are aliens out there in fact he says there are. Eighty different species of that this is a former Canadian defence minister are great dedicated in the -- hand -- the you know this guy again it doesn't -- Actually believe -- or not I've met a minute interview than eighty different species and apparently they are impressed with how we live and they're trying to give the message right now who. -- and.

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{"id":21472324,"title":"Dad Called Out for Doing Daughter's Hair","duration":"3:00","description":"A father's masculinity is called out after a photo surfaces of him brushing his daughter's hair.","url":"/WNN/video/dad-called-daughters-hair-21472324","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}