Dad Gets Laughs Lip-Synching Daughter's Tantrum

The video of a father and his screaming child has received nearly 1 million views on YouTube.
2:55 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for Dad Gets Laughs Lip-Synching Daughter's Tantrum
Welcome into the mix of your plumber that out there you know that tensions can be. Horrific only OK so here we have. This is money into this is -- dad decided to light up the situation a little bit zawahiri had -- extreme swelling of the one hour long tantrum -- -- no doubt this guy like. And his mom and added. How did at this point. Yeah. He's heard it before I'll even tell I'm sorry I -- He adds that extra facial expressions of the wonderful to fix your daughter had no idea what's happening we never really find out. Why the six year old isn't that -- we know is that she was. She's gotten around to had -- adaptations -- In case you just haven't arrived and that she can hear the money on the -- -- you can even match our. I think he would -- thinking the whole time by the way if it wants 560000. Times since it was posted on October 11 that is attracted 3800 -- need to make sure and I next week neither one year old guru who. Had to temper tantrum and mother of two and a half years and it doesn't happen it at a supermarket -- I'll be -- no worse is right all it will happen there -- -- -- bad. Kansas got from Georgia -- name is Blake Wilson -- from Atlanta Georgia. He is a caped crusader he's called back dad and this is the third installment all the videos go viral he tells kids to be good and teaches them lessons. Took it like it. Doing that. It's -- it's. You know. Self FAA it. Down in the constitution builders who have. I don't he's creepy -- hey he's in Baghdad and he's Internet sensation installment number three the -- adorable. I get -- -- just from the Huffington Post so when this is three year old son. Decided that he no longer wanted to be kids he told his mom that's it no more kissing at the age of eleven that's it no more -- -- not gotten. Number lunch box -- with -- -- we're done with the kissing. So she decided to go other creative route she -- -- often not. Note in his lunch box and it reads this is not -- Exclamation points this is also not a reminder that I love you it is simply. Very poor choice of napkin up what is so you it is absolutely and -- -- I'm sure eleven year old son. Had taken his picture. When he opened it up to -- the biggest smile on your home yourself an eleven year old boys. My ten year old daughter I was embarrassing her holding her hand on the boardwalk this -- did not. That suite C that's -- what's the difference to him.

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{"id":20632753,"title":"Dad Gets Laughs Lip-Synching Daughter's Tantrum","duration":"2:55","description":"The video of a father and his screaming child has received nearly 1 million views on YouTube.","url":"/WNN/video/dad-laughs-lip-synching-daughters-tantrum-20632753","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}