'Dancing With the Stars' Is Back!

Andy Dick and D.L. Hughley headlined the season premiere of 'DWTS.'
3:51 | 03/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Is Back!
Time for the getting everybody big day here at ABC Dancing With The Stars -- sixteen -- into her -- -- believed that Saddam won Boston in what. Are -- lots tell you about all good things -- lots of news Starbucks actually well -- stars it's kind of a a surprise deal he was -- there and -- on their beloved lady actually have heard of so here's a couple of the highlights we have -- -- to show you that little girl name is in -- homemade. -- dancing with our partners -- getting. Temporary numbers she got a score of 24 had thirty. Highest -- -- -- pain really looks really good right she's like they've got started getting through Kelly hey let's. She didn't just aren't they did she did talk to -- Darren how'd they scored 21 also. Very good dancer was the first on -- she was from -- It out of that park -- happy and now we've got a couple of life that we want to share with you Andy -- there who is at all. Get a little -- he also lost his place a couple of times he got seventeen they did the fox try not -- Score but it's the first dance so I'm not happy picture I don't expect there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He got a twelve out of the thirties and the terrible again it's okay because it's the first -- but yeah at twelve with a great deal. You know -- into quick thirty minutes and get out there and doing a good judge -- torn -- but added. Any minute -- yeah you know a lot of recuperation it is you know -- Gotta believe it covers about Tiger Woods. -- -- -- Now been winning tournaments is here -- -- number one golfer in the world to get back to -- -- -- -- but I think he has announced his relationship with -- Bob. Party but on Twitter and said Lindsey and I've been close friends for some time over the last few months. We've become very close -- and -- dating thank you for your support respect our privacy -- of -- of course the gold medal skier. And Shia backed up as well and she said I just wasn't look at security -- and dating Tiger Woods our relationship evolved from the French it. Into something more problem problem but has made me very happy today Dell says there's lots of rumors but now we know it's official. I've said this before what is your mind yet. -- -- -- Am that let me that look identical in -- -- -- -- he -- with our -- Brunette Kyle Williams give me a guy up here rate now. Well no Carl me tiger go -- some wings -- doing what he's. Yeah I borrowed that -- -- bus full of beautiful women waiting for you at -- -- of -- and -- Every anti there are about to help you there -- -- -- Michael -- another well known figure that these departed together actually. -- -- The lawsuit paternity -- -- -- against Michael Jordan has dropped her lawsuit village yes she says. 80 relief. Yes so. Only she said that she had a sixty year old who was the son of my children legendary basketball player revolt. He -- -- flatly the entire time and he also filed counterclaims seeking sanctions against Smith to make this false -- India and it was -- voluntarily case dismissed but very top of the world once again. Yet you better believe it he's upset about that I'm sure all right black -- he's replacing a pregnant -- say they settled for a dot com -- as a source close in the situation said that it's not quite as bad as it sounds. She's gonna take some time off for the baby and everything I have the brilliant singer apparently and -- -- he wants back she can have back that is already differential. We've got -- perfect family quickly in Vietnam reporting that -- the rapper who had suffered from seizures I was in the hospital NIC you live for a long time he's now. Get getting much better not only is in stable condition he's been released from the hospital in Los Angeles so good for him. Back on track back to making some -- -- outstanding news there.

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{"id":18761519,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Is Back!","duration":"3:51","description":"Andy Dick and D.L. Hughley headlined the season premiere of 'DWTS.'","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-back-18761519","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}