Dancing with the Stars Week 9 Recap

Judges send one celebrity home after the star contestants battle for the top scores on "Latin night."
4:20 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Dancing with the Stars Week 9 Recap
We're concerned this video on this Tuesday with Latin night on dancing with the stuff that's just picked boat opened the show the performance of green light before he joined Harry and Julie an and rhino at the judges' table this worldwide last night's top performance was. Janet and good lad whom were told they were in jeopardy right before had they still did would there Argentine tango. The very Latin songs. They won the perfect score of forty. Just a good dancers unbelievable. How did the whole audience I think they just sitting there announcement came only days jeopardy at one point. Yeah cute and I don't know but it just goes to show anybody can be indefinite anytime but they certainly came back from that coming in a close second James and sure enough. But the right. Let them at 38 at a 48 he was very good. There are those at the bottom phone numbers next to last words terror and such. Scoring just thirty out of forty. I didn't really yeah. But then. It's got some good moves that Dennis are saying that you know she's been doing so well up until this point that this is just not a quartet of kind do. They were just in her pockets of during his performance. But then coming in dead last amber and Max. Scoring that's a 28 before they were told they would be their last dance of the season. A lot of people assume I'm a certain way and I'm glad I had opportunity for people to see me in a different way and actually who Diane and fact that. You know on I am very shy and a lot of ways I don't like a lot of attention that prize in the dozens I. And their amazing incidentally I'm like. Yeah. Sorry to more couples are definitely van and eleven Calvin and Lindsay next week Len Goodman will return to the judges' table. Next just days after announcing that award folk music icon Bob Dylan the Nobel prize in literature the yet Swedish academy says it's giving up on trying to reach him. So far Dylan it has responded only with deafening silence nothing. You give a concert in Las Vegas the night of the announcement and made no mention of the honor. They academy's permanent secretary told Swedish state radio that she's called and sent emails to Dylan's closest collaborator and has received. Very funny replies she said she's not at all worried at this point saying. I think he will show up pretty awards ceremony which is scheduled in Stockholm in December bankruptcy figures for the area. Next to an embarrassing situation for late night giant ABC's Jimmy Kimmel apparently forgot quite a stop on a recent transcontinental flights out. He took to Twitter to try to resolve the issue later history. They're virgin America I left two books an important note pad and my pad on flight 366 LA to Boston Friday night I am done please help. It is as you carry out the plane hired a head at. An unexpected circumvented customer service and I've done no word yet on whether they got back in Everett. There's gonna hold onto his stuff so it makes you wonder what he did leave from that Clinton would ribbon tightly into a and finally it tantalizing sneak peek at Martha Stewart and sniff dogs new shout this of the partners collaborated on an interpreter brownie baking dance. In a new trailer further VH one cooking show check it out. Oh. Because you can. But then Jenin out. Fifth fifth Martha Stewart and picked up her blood skin Martha still wearing stripes. So many years after she left the bogey. It's episode we'll see. Because that's what they're calling it now they're preparing dinner party for a new set of celebrity guests. Some are events that followed dinner party premieres on November 7 on VH one. I cannot wait kind of life curious to see sit in the kitchen shouldn't we all know what he'll be baking but still. I hit yeah. They undervalued picks that it appears there is. No they it.

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{"id":42875417,"title":"Dancing with the Stars Week 9 Recap","duration":"4:20","description":"Judges send one celebrity home after the star contestants battle for the top scores on \"Latin night.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-week-recap-42875417","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}