New Dating Site for Political Matchmaking

New dating sites pop up that matches people with similar political views.
2:55 | 11/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Dating Site for Political Matchmaking
By this story I really love me on about -- we know about millionaire match -- harmony all these things that bring people together apparently there's this new site that which I love -- -- -- brings people of similar. Political thinking together my head yes indeed red state -- according to Republicans and blue state -- Aimed at Democrats who say this -- getting popular thousands of customers now. Obviously the Republican -- become -- little more potter and the democratic side with Republicans. You know try to find love our country upset right now and this is doing really well in DC which has the highest women's event ratio in the country 112 to 100 so. Take a look at -- -- Commercial real slight but spoof commercial -- Yeah and your friend -- seems great I really think we hit it off -- She's a -- -- -- I really want to be the one -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you see the -- his pants. That's -- yankees. In the Sarah Palin -- -- phone. -- -- -- -- -- Satisfied that's what there's little question did you date for -- of someone who really was. They have the polar opposite you politically -- Mario. Carville met when charges are there but you fall releases -- -- -- -- 61% of men 68% of women want to share the same political views as their parts of the majority due to put a lot of clubs I -- -- regular partners don't -- is. Grumpy partner in the morning it's true. That is the -- in fact new study that they city about 2000. People and Britain. And it's about 20% having been broken up with somebody because they're so cranky in the morning but let's -- -- Most folks don't they wait until about 8 o'clock before they say anything to anyone and I am -- -- -- 8 PM for us see exactly what are we talking about here. More than half of adults in the -- say -- grumpy 43% -- -- even avoid talking to their partner to they feel up to 21%. -- their children. Call that we got equipment for of the TV Internet and -- story. 8% say they pretended to have an important -- to dodge any what could chat while -- via the subway we'll but soaring oil reserves all legal reasons for the -- They don't wake up to the world that does take some time you probably really cranky -- as the -- -- well yes that way. Also visited partly FaceBook folks that are some -- copyright folks going around I've seen medical a lot of country that's seen it. It happened back in May -- June -- -- -- resurgence the last few days. The basement closet FaceBook has recently changed its copyright provisions. Don't believe this thing is a hoax FaceBook did release has been saying don't believe it's not true -- -- this thing of FaceBook. No don't buy it just so one of the many folks as -- -- online.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"New dating sites pop up that matches people with similar political views. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"17816272","title":"New Dating Site for Political Matchmaking","url":"/WNN/video/dating-site-political-matchmaking-17816272"}