David Cassidy Arrested for DWI

The 63-year-old singer was arrested for felony DWI and failure to dim headlights.
3:12 | 08/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Cassidy Arrested for DWI
-- -- -- was kind of machine David Cassidy Keith partridge. Good guy. Pulled over for a time do you -- yeah I think it's this second one in three years TMZ got the goods on a what's -- weapons mug shot. Hernandez stars pulled over an upstate New York faces felony charges for this one because he had a previous do you -- in Florida is all according TMZ. -- 63 years old was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. This was in New York early outside of Albany. -- -- high beams on cops pull them over to say what's up with the high beams out all apparently is point 10. Fired in the State's legal limit of point 08. So he faces a felony drunk driving charges because of the deal why they had in Florida he's posted -- -- -- 500 dollars bail he's due back to court. In September. Yeah -- get a little tidbit it's almost a little funny. According to the Albany times union the arresting officer's name was Tom Jones doesn't like what's new -- -- Yeah Diddy -- heard live arresting officer's name and said what's new pussycat she. -- -- -- it that would have done the -- last time -- -- problem. Are right here's something that has garnered -- whole lot of attention on social media and otherwise Dr. Phil posted. A question on his Twitter account that. A lot of people -- with an appropriate in the post basically said there -- -- -- if the girl is -- is it -- to have sex with her question mark reply yes or no. To that Dr. -- A lot of people on Twitter thought that this was incredibly appropriate as I said so each one person that doctor -- was saving lives today -- Dr. Phil is trying to hook up with a drunk girls. The person is a misogynist as that paid him. It just referred to him as Dr. Phil from now on his very upset -- obviously but Dr. Phil have come -- to say that in a statement that. This is taken way out of proportion so you gotta be careful how you -- stuck in writing best of intentions. Right I think I think the I don't think he would he meant any harm if you ask me doctor -- this very intelligent man I think he was it was just. Poorly phrased right into right -- to blunt and that kind of a one line can write and Twitter has say unfortunately that's what -- sold out yet you're right about that Dolly Parton. Expanding her Dolly would resort sounds. -- rural roller coaster. I never going to be that I've never been through the smoky mountains sounds really -- of David's been there for awhile now but she once also having. Resorts and -- part of a 300 million dollars -- and she wants to really take it to the next level. And roller coaster of these big resort hotel that's been our dream ever since -- -- -- 28 years ago. They can start out of the resort of 308. Rooms they could have front porches have to resort couple is that. -- -- -- It was actually a pretty cool and everybody who lobbied -- -- lemonade in the summer hot chocolate in the winter time. Only need anything yet maybe that's during -- ago -- times down home aren't really -- -- don't have a little at a time James Franklin getting you don't TV show it to by the way is going to be called of course I lost and I believe it's going to college Blanco present and there you have -- bill Bob Franco who liked about -- income.

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{"id":20033810,"title":"David Cassidy Arrested for DWI","duration":"3:12","description":"The 63-year-old singer was arrested for felony DWI and failure to dim headlights.","url":"/WNN/video/david-cassidy-arrested-dwi-20033810","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}