'Deflate-gate' Scandal Continues

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick spoke out on the controversy.
1:41 | 01/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Deflate-gate' Scandal Continues
Hey good morning I'm Maria tonight and not teasing over the top stories this Friday January 23 we start with the patriots and that. The played games yesterday to coach Bill Belichick he denied responsibility for living these air travels football's ahead of last Sunday's AFC. Title game victory he offered a statement in front of reporters on provided no explanation of how old. Those balls were deflated then that if it was quarterback Tom Brady's turn much the same here interesting point he did offer however. This will be intelligent to contact him about this situation. Britain's Prince Andrew has the publicly denied allegations he had sex with an underage teenager he broke his silence during a visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. The young woman Virginia Roberts says she was coerced into having sex with a print three times. Starting when she was seventeen part of her evidence is this photo taken with the prince. What she was seventeen. People across the Texas Panhandle to be hard digging out from more than a foot of snow of the public storm broke records in the Amarillo area forcing many schools and government offices the polls for the south five inches of snow blanketed El Paso at the rare sight. While the Mexican border of the storm is on the move to Britain downforce to Atlanta today in a snowstorm of the north east tomorrow. And social media went a little crazy when tennis star you GD Bouchard was asked for and gave a tour of during a post match interview. The Australian opens summer kind of requests for mail interview or sexist. Others question whether a man would be asked to do the same thing Broussard calling it very unexpected and said it was funny. Get more news the possible trumped. Moved. Totals of past abcnews.com. I'm reading math and and I am and non twirling TJ Holmes thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick spoke out on the controversy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28429687","title":"'Deflate-gate' Scandal Continues","url":"/WNN/video/deflate-gate-scandal-continues-28429687"}