New Details in Boston Bombing Suspects

ABC News' Devin Dwyer: authorities believe that the suspects had plans to "party" in New York City.
2:59 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for New Details in Boston Bombing Suspects
You're watching America this morning -- America's number 1 in the early morning news. There are possible new clues today as investigators try to piece together evidence in the Boston bombing. Overnight agents found a stash of fireworks in -- used clothing -- donation bin and not far from the shoot out. FBI technicians halt weapons away and -- truck and they are now pouring over the explosives. For any possible links with more on the far reaching investigation we are joined by ABC's Devin Dwyer morning -- it. Hey good morning John good morning Diana you know we're learning some new details this morning about how the suspected bombers tried to flee Boston. Officials say they may have had plans to party in New York City. These dramatic new -- -- the brother Sorin I have been a gun battle with police moments before the older cameramen was killed in the street. As the younger Joseph -- skates to that back guard boat. -- only weapon officials say was a nine millimeter handgun. This morning the -- -- -- parents told the Russian news agency they're headed to the US to claim -- and body. US intelligence agencies say after a Russian -- in 2011. To -- -- was added to a terrorist watch list. But officials say the system had insufficient information to raise alarms. We contacted the -- on three different occasions. To ask for more information and nothing was forthcoming. In Boston more signs the city is trying to move on crowds visited memorials at the bomb site is local businesses repaired scars from the blast. At nearby hospitals 34 wounded victims are still recovering Carlos -- Redondo that man in the cowboy hat was reunited with the man he saved. Actually -- he notes that in not being bottled blood you know Lion King last. United -- -- best you can across town thousands of mourners -- hero who didn't survive slain MIT police officer Sean collier. If the purpose of terrorism is instill fear. You saw not a right here in Boston. Boston you send a powerful message. To the world. -- Joseph hearts are not -- who faces the death penalty will have an all star legal defense team. His top lawyer -- public defender also represented shoe bomber Richard Reid. In 2001 -- Diana. -- and we've heard that -- -- being cooperative with authorities in providing details about the plot will that information be admissible in court. Authorities say much of the information they've gotten from Joseph -- has come out before he was formally charged on Monday that means it came out he confessed to these details. Before he was read its constitutional rights the so called Miranda warning it's unclear if that information those details will be admissible in a criminal trial. But officials say they may not need that they have plenty of other evidence Stan and John. -- -- -- -- in Washington thank you.

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{"id":19038576,"title":"New Details in Boston Bombing Suspects","duration":"2:59","description":"ABC News' Devin Dwyer: authorities believe that the suspects had plans to \"party\" in New York City.","url":"/WNN/video/details-boston-bombing-suspects-19038576","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}