Diana Perez's Favorite NYC Spots

ABC News' Diana Perez shows off her favorite parts of New York City.
4:14 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Diana Perez's Favorite NYC Spots
-- and my favorite spots here in my hometown and the Amazon anti nice turn as you know -- of us have our lives in Queens Kelly lobbed a lot about. Great city of ours so I picked a couple of my all time. Favorites they on the -- today bar. Asserting that my favorite place in Central Park and really my favorite place in New York ice skating event like that is woman bring. Where ego and your family are tight -- and that is the military to the Rockefeller Center rink where it's teeny tiny this one is Wednesday. There's they don't tiny new everyone tonight got to get -- of the other lot of rain here they let you go there -- -- many kids there is a summary in the wintertime it's okay. For a long time that the U -- to get along -- an amendment I have memories there are lots of pictures -- Art when you that I -- about what I am not a that I get a but -- doesn't -- there's a wall around every can. I hadn't ventured across it only once -- eyes fell on my back about the attack but that is one of my favorite -- My other favorite spot in -- These things are mostly through periods of my life this undecided right spent a lot of time and I've got into college I love the -- -- -- park. I spent the beginning of my college career at Pace University which is just -- even -- away from there. There are always street fairs and there is a great shopping -- -- used to be there which is like museum -- a -- at the museum is leaving nothing more but there's. Great as far as there -- -- -- has all the details. And -- -- that. It's just a wonderful place it is -- walked past its. -- really great sometimes it's not enough and I'm like yeah this -- that are a little bit down FDR but it's just a wonderful spot didn't. Still many are you don't really be your surrounded by water but there's not a lot of places to go appreciate -- -- -- of the water and write something secretive most definitely one of them like an. Place where you can don't appreciate it lotteries Coney Island but there's one thing on Coney Island that is absolutely my favorite thing that's cyclone. I'm happy. -- -- that makes any sense of roller coasters and this is one of the very first time that I ever round plus I was married yeah yeah I was. Ten years old -- my -- finally let me write this site. Alone at night. Couldn't get enough and getting I'm getting online going back on. It's. Definitely not comfortable and he never -- you know what I'm talking about. Are great and after you're done Mary go on the -- if you can -- kind of beach but even though I'm from New York. Yeah I don't -- just -- -- island. Original names and some. That's where and you get a -- W Lockport lock -- -- on two child in me. It is FAO Schwartz this is -- -- -- right outside of Central Park. And I just going in there and -- -- and perusing it this is big all piano that was in the -- -- remember that -- I love doing that and I want to get the this is my college years -- used to go to Brian partly felt very fancy food get a copy of the corner and we would sit there and people watch. Much but it really is just an off some -- spot and now my favorite food. Is a little place called she auction of the -- yeah this place has hot Johnson Sunday morning. Wonderful things about what morning. In its burgers and there is no meeting the -- as. They are absolutely. Check out mission -- get yourself -- guaranteed -- out. He didn't tell all of the continent that you need plus you get shake -- shake -- conduct themselves take this absolutely clogged all -- arteries of please -- out -- you are anywhere in New York City and you need a quick Burger King McDonald's pick out another fancy -- -- that they tell you about a New York. It's about shake shack and that that's nothing but question of the day. We want about what do you love about your hometown EST yes they've got lots of great responses really great response. Legend tells Ana FaceBook page W and and -- dot com told police he -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18877283,"title":"Diana Perez's Favorite NYC Spots","duration":"4:14","description":"ABC News' Diana Perez shows off her favorite parts of New York City.","url":"/WNN/video/diana-perez-favorite-nyc-spots-18877283","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}