Doctor's advice on how to get better sleep

Sleep expert Dr. Jordan Stern joins ABC News' Diane Macedo on the set to answer all of your pressing sleep-related questions in the third installment of our Sleep Solutions series.
5:11 | 06/28/18

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Transcript for Doctor's advice on how to get better sleep
We're back with part 32 hours seriously solution is and that while we do appreciate news sleeping with the television on. We're not sleeping at all really through we do hope you learned some alternatives this week watching us and getting some tips on how to catch some quality shut. OK so we saw you go through sleep can't boot camp. And then gear up with gadgets. And now we've got the sleep Doctor Who helped you on your journey back for more that's right doctor Jordan stern from loosely came by the studio to take questions. From some of our viewers and we started things off with the most common question we get what happens if I keep waking up. Humor Mears were asking about waking up prematurely big falsely just fine but they wake up after say four or five hours. Why do we can't fall back asleep is it possible that is enough sleep for that person. It may not be any could be that they're waking up because of toys or because something that's going on in the environment. And many many many studies have shown that. Seven to eight hours or more really better. One of our producers actually was asking if I get to three hour blocks plus an hour naps does that equal seven full hours of sleep. The prolonged sleep allows you to get. More of the deep. Sleep cycles I've had no it's it's better try to have continuously been possible. One of our viewers are talking about sleep position he apparently has back pain and was told by a therapist because he sleeps on his stomach is their best sleep position for one and two if you wanna change it or other techniques to do that left side. Position is usually the best less reflux definitely true pregnant. Much better for circulation. What when it comes to medication because it's so people are using something as simple as Benadryl Laura Tylenol or Advil PM can you form a tolerance or an addiction to these kind of drugs. Air not the best medication to pay for sleepiness they're not habit forming but the best is because of side effects of the over the counters are trying to get off that and maybe try low dose melatonin two kilograms two hours before bedtime and if you're having problems seriously specialists. Someone else also asked about adjusting hours if you know jet lag what is the best way to adjust when your body clock is off that way. The best treatment four. Changing time zones or changing. Related to your work is melatonin it's actually the drug of choice it's very effective. Most people take too much to close at that time. The best dose two milligrams two hours before bedtime it's not really sleep aid it's a drug that helps you change your sleep cycle Anderson time. Caffeine and alcohol events so alcohol will help you get sleepy and go to sleep venue may actually gets in deep sleep for about three or four hours within your own wake up. Heart racing and pounding and won't be able to go back to sleep caffeine can stay in your body for twelve hours twelve. Twelve hours what about snoring. Yeah I know we didn't find any story and my test results whatsoever. There were reports. A little bit of its. Sorry I know everybody. They everybody's north obligation. So snoring is very very common box loud snoring snoring every night. That is a sign of sleep apnea this state that does the most common treatment and that's a machine that sort of goes over your face and forces there at your Airways. But I know some people are hesitant to sleep with a machine so can you tell there's some of the other options that can help. When it comes to treatment of sleep apnea the simple mouth guard that is. Molded to the teeth and keeps a jaw forward a little bit. Stops the snoring and helps you breathe it's a very good treatment. It's really something that most people and doctors don't know about the very effective also losing weight. And body position sleeping on your side and a lot of people I think when they talk about happy specifically they think overweight men. Because that's the most common population but I haven't I think he was eight years old cousin. Who was diagnosed with sleep apnea well you bring up a very good point children. About two to 4% of children have sleep apnea usually it's because they have been consoles take out the council's. They start growing base are flourishing their behavior improves what the problem is just snarled. And there are other treatments that similar to the sleep apnea treatment for mouth guards for example they can eliminate snoring in our studies 95% of cases for you might have someone that I think size but your spouse doesn't because you're snoring on the big. That's right and they were all very much appreciate about that I'm sure we'll doctor stern thank you so much again have literally changed my life. And hopefully bringing the story to others we will be able to pay this forward. To many of our viewers Rea thank you Diane sleep is the basis of health and I'm glad you're letting your viewers know that sept chemical assistance. I look at the quick power and a. My mom that map with some amount argue that last I really really good at it had been the director of the coven. Up anyway but I just what a punctuated two big points here again with the melatonin so many people are taking ten. Five milligrams at least because it usually comes and that does it again he says one to two milligrams two hours before bed very important to not take more than that has sought to get now. Federalized or for and the best treatment for insomnia has cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia those are the two I think really became the ways.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Sleep expert Dr. Jordan Stern joins ABC News' Diane Macedo on the set to answer all of your pressing sleep-related questions in the third installment of our Sleep Solutions series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56226004","title":"Doctor's advice on how to get better sleep","url":"/WNN/video/doctors-advice-sleep-56226004"}