Getting To Know Your Dog

A new book explores how dog owners can better connect with their pets.
3:42 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Getting To Know Your Dog
Any job tell you -- -- the latest -- -- -- hot down that's absolutely but -- actually improve our personal relationships with our dogs. That's the question posed by one writer who took himself and his dog on a four month road trip to find out. Here's Jordan -- -- Do you know for sure that your dog actually -- you. One man wasn't so confident I was really wondering -- whether I was doing my dog justice whether I was giving in the best light possible and I said you know I need. To go on a road trip but my dog and bond with -- -- got -- -- while -- and who has decided to take his Labrador mix Casey on a road trip. But this wasn't your average road trips. It was a thirteen thousand miles 32 state for months motor moment venture across America. And it's all of the new book travels with Casey he author of the New York Times magazine writer wanted to better understand his relationship -- But he also wanted to explore what makes America dog crazy just how crazy there's one payment for every toward humans in the US. More than fifteen million households have a dog that's the highest homeownership rate on earth. And Americans now spend roughly forty billion dollars on dogs Protestant services -- two years. We do spoil our paths and ways that we. Didn't really you -- and you know that dogs are now considered family members and -- and a lot of people consider -- their children. And Lauren Casey -- -- that pooch pampering obsession all over America. Dog photographers style massage therapist and the dog whisperer Cesar Milan. They even found a little time for -- -- Oh yes dog yoga that -- -- -- but American dogs much like their humans live in increasingly. Polarized world -- -- really also wanted to explore. You know dogs who don't have it so lucky so than the millions of dogs to roam our our inner cities and our Indian reservations. Little did they know that a stray reservation -- would change the lives forever so we've already met Casey here. But one of the biggest surprises of the trip was meeting -- -- So is this adorable black dog really wouldn't leave -- side. I -- taking our taking this risk like I'm taking this -- -- excellent half the country to drive around. Then -- wasn't sure Rosie TC would get along fortunately this is amazing and she's a loving and sweet. And caring dog and very different -- from these scenes -- helped me understand the dogs are different and -- -- -- personalities. Just sort of now accept them for her and the lesson. Getting dogs -- like it's simple as accepting them and spending not just money but quality time. There's nothing better than getting -- With your dog whether it's a weeklong road trip for us point countries news. -- life changing experience. Jordan miles of. Great piece there and -- by the way has -- -- book you know. If you looked at that piece you -- what was it really necessary take a road trip. You know what I've got a lot of dog pulls out that we'll tell you -- it's great if you can get closer to your pet just warms a better bond. The matter what you're doing whether it's a road trip to spending more time and did you -- that dogs are more prevalent as pets in southern states I wonder why. Yeah and then cats are -- in the north. New York Pennsylvania. So -- athletics size of the place home -- else -- here in the western granted that I never want. Thanks. -- news.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"A new book explores how dog owners can better connect with their pets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24708016","title":"Getting To Know Your Dog","url":"/WNN/video/dog--24708016"}