Dolly Parton Raps About Breasts, 'Twerking'

The 67-year-old country star shows another side of singing on "The Queen Latifah Show."
3:28 | 10/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dolly Parton Raps About Breasts, 'Twerking'
-- -- -- -- Before you two -- between the TV show should be. Quite entertaining. Dolly Parton goes on the show and it's like -- country hip hop crossover and and you know it's all in good fun but Dolly has to put on and get all what's the word fabulous and -- and doing hip hop song. She does it and the words are really funny give -- -- I don't -- Hasn't this big time. Around me got. She. 67 real -- NCR some. This idea that that's -- goes on and on lots of good step -- takes up a lot of people funny stuff today's. Queen the TV show who -- Dolly Parton driver only eat you haven't check her out. Lady god is doing. Revealing things over the weekend first -- she is dropped her new single from her art pop album. Which is going to be released -- number -- dissidents called. Do what you want and it's featuring -- Kelly we have just a little bit of an audio clip of -- to no no video accompanying it just yet -- -- at midnight. Coming into Monday. Earlier Sunday afternoon coming to get some buzz going and also because I'm sure wouldn't -- asking did last week. She. -- to -- to her four million viewers and she posted very revealing picture. Hollywood demographic in -- -- you get there she loves us live now but not enough to hang -- on her. -- -- -- -- A and officer -- -- and just want Americans I'm sorry I don't I had really enjoyed that -- we big time we can only show that was before the SEC comes after. An attack on don't want him that we'll get back on I'll work on hard Ellen DeGeneres gives a waitress at 101000 dollar tip until as a way to as a woman who the was a -- The -- -- it was a woman in a restaurant. Who overheard some people who couldn't get -- paycheck because of the government -- furlough. And she was at Ruby Tuesday and she decided to pay their tab which was 27 dollars -- five cents. And she said thank you for all the things you do for us this just in very nice woman in several -- -- Anyway Elin found out about it and she had Saro on the show check it out. Not balanced when he 77 to 27. 23. It's. Seven list 27 plays at a -- -- just. You know she -- a waitress at the time and it ended the people who she picked up the temple. Owners they posted -- on FaceBook and Elin found out about it and seven decent -- nice as well yesterday yeah. Makes it really she's only getting into the 27 yeah I -- -- this -- -- ten -- all my guns let's just put a nice woman right. It goes a long way into the single -- -- she really was generous of them.

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{"id":20632735,"title":"Dolly Parton Raps About Breasts, 'Twerking'","duration":"3:28","description":"The 67-year-old country star shows another side of singing on \"The Queen Latifah Show.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dolly-parton-raps-breasts-twerking-20632735","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}