Donald Trump's Big Payday!

Former Miss Pennsylvania forced to pay Donald Trump $5 Million for calling 2012 Pageant "fraudulent."
3:24 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Donald Trump's Big Payday!
All right time now for the skinny as this one of beauty queen has to pay Donald Trump five million bucks. Her brouhaha that was created I don't know if you remember this one former miss Pennsylvania Sheen of -- -- -- -- Donald Trump. And the miss USA pageant five million dollars for defamation despite the pleas to a judge that this is gonna ruin our. But federal judge. This all went back to the 2012 miss you -- say pageant and apparently. She said she claimed that after that pageant that she saw a written list of the five finalists backstage before the winners were officially announced on stage. And she resigned as miss Pennsylvania the next day and there was a lot of publicity she said the pageant -- small morals it's inconsistent it's trashy. Well -- -- the pageant Souter and the judge says yes she's gotta pay up Trump's lawyers said this we applaud the judges very articulate thirty page decision. And we will pursue all rights available to mr. trump under the law. So spoiled boy at a lot of Garland like -- but how five million bucks for beauty -- said that the pageant was fraudulent. Take more than a lifetime most people to pay that back to -- A case a -- -- talk about Justin Timberlake. He's got a new album -- called tunnel vision and the new video for one of his songs on that album is. There you racy -- take a look. Video features a lot of naked women and that is a lot of smoke and -- anything but they cover up actually that's the -- in the video it. -- controversial but it certainly getting a lot of attention. Coffee album covers television and also statements Timberlake face with silhouettes and also -- They -- and it's like Robin -- video blurred line. Yeah right that got out of that catalog some controversy anyway I mean I guess we can't show the juiciest stuff but. Doesn't look all that. Crack everything -- -- and I haven't seen a whole thing that he kind of get the idea here and sometimes they superimpose his face on different areas to cover things up. And a sexy video imagine such thing. Number Alec Baldwin earlier in the week. After the big Twitter controversy said he's done what Twitter he's not -- he's on the tweet anymore ever again he's done. Well we have another celebrity who says she is kicking the Twitter -- Jennifer Love Hewitt she says she's quitting Twitter she said the -- she's a mom to be about the way in. She was talk about a pregnancy -- what are sometimes but she says this too much negativity and that's a reason on Wednesday. She tweeted quote I'm sad to say Twitter is no longer for me -- into it all the kindness and love that came my way as won't support. But I need to break like should be filled -- positive that he holding each other up not making threats and sending bad vibes designated enjoyed bags from the bottom of my heart. That is of course we and we noticed the social media it can it can really pump you up to give you a lot of feedback that I -- people can be very mean. Thank cattle is respect the people out there -- they stop the negative treatment when somebody's on a bad -- -- why not you know -- and and you know you gotta take the good with the bad when -- on Twitter but if it gets to be too much today they have every right to seize -- the Twitter. Say they have at the latest -- this thing -- are you on Twitter you know I'm not enough not honest I'm not much have -- you get over that war.

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{"id":19584005,"title":"Donald Trump's Big Payday!","duration":"3:24","description":"Former Miss Pennsylvania forced to pay Donald Trump $5 Million for calling 2012 Pageant \"fraudulent.\"","url":"/WNN/video/donald-trumps-big-payday-19584005","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}