Dr. Dre To Release New Album

Rapper Dr. Dre will release his first album in sixteen years on Friday.
3:41 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for Dr. Dre To Release New Album
Topping this thing this morning Mission Impossible. Topping the box office rove makes in the fifth moving the franchise opened big this weekend taking in. 56 million dollars domestically in a 116. Million dollars worldwide. The second highest debut in the series. And fans keep coming back for more Tom Cruise is crazy stunt this time. Movie's opening scenes as crews hanging onto the side of a cargo plane as it takes time. OK we were talking about this while the movie was being made it's got a lot of attention without the Internet having a lot of fun with this showing cruise through all time the things hanging on here. The Donald told pair. Also hanging onto the couch during that infamous moment. With Oprah and then it is all states with Conte west trying to. Wrestle Cunningham hopes. Days. During that confrontation Taylor Betsy like so long ago now that it's pictured. The ghostbusters and yet movies really rebooting after filming and tossed it to the folks at tufts Children's Hospital. Which I'd signs in the windows saying who you gonna call. We answered yup that Kate MacKinnon Melissa McCarthy and Chris Witty and also Leslie Jones stars the all penile comedy. Now they are in full costume there and there caring there. Goals exterminating weapons' who really that would call both exterminating weapon. That's why are they greeted the patient and their families took a lot of pictures books as laughter as the best medicine. Probably a little healing there as well the movie comes out next July you can watch. I cannot wait to see this summing distanced us because of the cast of this such a fan of those original movies to see some kind of reboot that would let him. I. We'll record Dr. Dre will release new album on Friday in his first sixteen years in the last. It include collaborations that and a former. And WA bed made ice Cuban doctor to raise fellow at late rappers Kendrick Lamar as mostly up album will drop. Before the biopic. Straight out of cops. And under says he was so inspired by the movie that he started to recording gambit on putter he called it. His quote grand finale he's for the past few years developing the beats headphones other audio equipment apple bought that for more than three billion. Dollars his net worth thought to be about 700 million at this point. May he's come on the home we've Compton. Sure how space so he you know he's been such a big business and now there. But do you think is that why he hasn't released album and he's been busy to notice the hook out he really handle it empire for. That's it he's produced a lot of stuff and he's been I mean Kendrick Lamar is hot on the scene right now but he has been beating the mentor to Kendrick Lamar imminent as well so. I mean he's been a busy man. Reports about a single parent takes overs hosted the late show next month. It's a big question everyone's wondering about will he host as the south where his character like they conservative talk show host. He portrayed as Comedy Central show the cold air report the birth pro both of the new show are out no answer to that question yet. Talk about the news tell jokes and have fascinating conversations with celebrities. Athletes. Musicians. And of course politicians. Wow you do a great Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney that's it staying character I'm Steve. The cove where Michael Barrett gore. Oh we'll have to wait issue what happens with a lot of the went dissipating once the man. At him because Ricard. He's been very respectful you know we kind of late low profile let Dave Letterman do his thing and get all of those accolades and now he's coming on the scene but report.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Rapper Dr. Dre will release his first album in sixteen years on Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32844996","title":"Dr. Dre To Release New Album","url":"/WNN/video/dr-dre-release-album-32844996"}