Drew Carey Gets Voted off 'DWTS'

The latest celebrity to leave "Dancing With The Stars" is Drew Carey.
3:59 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Drew Carey Gets Voted off 'DWTS'
First -- -- -- this morning without on dancing with stars. Last night's weeks six episode rocked a party -- being with guest judge for review and Natalie LM FAO setting that zone but the judges decided that party's over for Drew Carey and order -- -- Well I get farther than. And I thought it would it -- truth and I did and I just days thinks you're dancing with the start me I'd love to -- watch -- for years. I was one -- would be like to be on the I think in the end -- with Cheryl specifically. And -- -- Jerrells great. As I just want to say thanks for let me -- against Florida. Now I'm definitely more now. Merrill Davis -- -- with a perfect score last night next week -- night with Ricky Martin next guest judge and perform a technical. -- -- just saw earlier the First Lady was front and center yesterday on the White House south block. Michelle Obama kicked -- the White House's annual. -- -- -- 136. By the way marking the occasion she made an appearance on ABC's live with Kelly and Michael but what Kelly really wanted to know was about sixteen year old. Malia Obama's driving lessons. Do you administer the driving lessons or would that be under the president's regime but. It will be neither of us. I have no idea I think our agents don't want us driving with a teenager certainly -- -- -- you know I have Brit Brit -- especially the president DJ I don't think they want him in the state when she's learning how to drive. For Chile -- -- and that responsibility over to someone else. Liking that -- right back anyway more than 30000 adults and children turned out for yesterday -- there as well as. -- White House all right John happ has some rather harsh words from Justin Bieber the madman superstar tells Men's Health Magazine that. Beings need someone like a parent or friend to -- know Japan also called beaver and unflattering name that we just can't say on TV even at this hour. He says neighbor needs to take a course in life skills to learn how things work like washing machines. -- Well there's -- that two Hollywood power players could be teaming up once again Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg worked together on Saving Private Ryan and two other film. Now reports say they are partnering again on thriller set during the Cold War the plot is reportedly based on the true story of an American attorney who was enlisted by the CIA. To slip behind the iron curtain and negotiate the release of -- U2 spy plane pilot. No word yet on the timing of this film but it seems to be. A -- story with the new chill between Russia and the US Saving Private Ryan was a tough. Film to watch. Once those scenes yes they -- there really horrible I know our products -- -- my daughter is only ten years old has come to like Tom Hanks who also got and we don't know what movies and that she doubted militant with Tom Hanks -- haven't we seen conceded she loves everything he does let's summarize it prior right you know -- girls -- much exhumed -- yeah. Robert De -- is one of the most celebrated actors in America and he's directed a few movies as well. But some of these hills seemed to allude to an era has been hanging out at the TriBeCa film festival which -- co founded here in new York and that's where he made his first buying video apparently in spite of himself. What it. Physical -- what they're doing with my it was my buying this is yours not panic now. -- -- behind him -- -- judges in the festival's success combine video competition but as one person described it. -- looks like he's having a dad moment fumbling with the social media technology. Funny feeling this is not robbery. I mean he is so savvy when it -- instead -- -- is a direct days. This seems to me like -- view -- that Israel and watching he's very happy with -- -- -- thought that you don't.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The latest celebrity to leave \"Dancing With The Stars\" is Drew Carey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23418682","title":"Drew Carey Gets Voted off 'DWTS'","url":"/WNN/video/drew-carey-voted-off-dwts-23418682"}