Could Drones Deliver Netflix?

Netflix makes a spoof of Amazon's claims to use drones for deliveries.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Could Drones Deliver Netflix?
Time now for the next thing you know how it Amazon's talking about using drones yeah did you -- well. Netflix has come out the video kind of poking fun at -- gets pretty funny take a look. Unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to mark. We have literally spent days working out most of the by enabling location services on your Smartphone. The -- and come right to you wherever you may be. Delivery -- one -- Very clever advertisement that data back. Speaking a clever remember that San Francisco girl we told you about two sold a hundred boxes of bug Girl Scout Cookies in two hours why because it's outside of -- marijuana medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco -- -- -- -- name is Daniel Lee sees enterprising girl scout. They're selling like crazy outside of the marijuana dispensary you know -- -- -- -- Well it seems that the folks in Colorado the girls in Colorado will not be able to follow her lead like she -- in California girl scouts of Colorado with said that there are just not -- -- -- there's a place for everything they said just like a liquor store gun show or marijuana dispensary. It's not a place for young girls be selling their cookies. There are plenty of other options itself. As much as the business is brisk outside of the marijuana dispensaries in Colorado you will not be selling your Girl Scout Cookies out in front. You know I can understand the ban but you can't blame that girl from -- and the next girl in San Francisco I don't know Austria are still allowed to do -- if she's cornered the market there and Sandra. Noncallable carry us speaking of the -- she is. We love bacon around here we did well other -- a baseball team in Pennsylvania really loves -- so much so that they have put. The weekend's other you have -- on their hats on -- -- this is the Lehigh Valley iron pigs. Better -- a Minor League Baseball team there and he's of their new uniforms. That got. Their pinstripes are begin and there are so creative here they've they're selling scratch and sniff T shirts. That smell like vacant for their fans -- one of those happen to -- slogan smell. Change smell the change I -- about a thousand too many hats are ready but I have had a happy to have idea all right this is uninteresting. -- is in Brooklyn like to grow their facial hair -- that's totally -- gas well some guys -- blessed with that much facial hair but don't worry they can now get a facial hair transplant as a doctor in Brooklyn he's doing a brisk business. Conflicting hair from the top of the head into people's faces and giving them fears. But Mark Martin I haven't done we will get a check -- nine eighths. -- -- So now we don't try to grow that would implement -- that in your agency I think -- -- totally -- -- what about anyway to cost you Rick Ankiel and the brilliant. 3000 dollars to 7000 dollars bargain price target for old.

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{"id":22676960,"title":"Could Drones Deliver Netflix?","duration":"3:00","description":"Netflix makes a spoof of Amazon's claims to use drones for deliveries.","url":"/WNN/video/drones-deliver-netflix-22676960","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}