Drug Overdose Suspected in Rapper's Death

Heroin and cocaine are suspected in rapper Chris Kelly's death, according to police report.
3:23 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Drug Overdose Suspected in Rapper's Death
I happened this game and some sad news we reported yesterday -- death of Chris Kelly from Criss -- died much too young only 34 years old some. Some troubling details coming out TMZ reporting now that a police report details that he had been using a combination of cocaine and and -- win the night before his death. According to report paramedics responded to his Atlanta home around three in the afternoon as mother called 911. They arrived they found him lying on the living room couch unresponsive no signs of life he's taken the hospital announced that a few hours later. -- -- -- Basically after the death -- -- his mother. She told police the night before that he had taken a mixture of heroin and cocaine it's known as the speed ball. And -- quarterly report Kelly's mother Kelley's uncle both told investigators the rapper did have an extensive history of drug there will be a full. Toxicology out and about three -- four week. -- did you know Jermaine Dupree -- them. Rapper who apparently is is given credit for discovering them yeah. City considered him as this time they spent more time with him than anybody else and -- -- statements kind of sad. Conde west did you know that he had a Twitter account in October 2012 he deleted. The entire count and he just went back on I think recently just like a day ago. And tweeted out Wednesday June 18. So everyone's buzzing -- treated that he didn't just June 18 -- -- -- I'd have to think it means what you're about to tell me -- the buzzing is that Kim Kardashian ends do net interest sounds of June 18. So that would mean then that is she going and then it -- -- we said she's gonna. -- let the speculation begin. So why and that's what -- was -- that that possibly that's when they become. -- all right keep an eye on that we'll get an eighteenth that cancer related due to its line is I know it's not -- yeah I just don't -- on July 7. Also got what it helped her she's talking about marriage to Chris Martin Coldplay frontman and basically she says we've had some terrible times -- Alex Hodges. In interview she said that. Get out of they've had a great deal of suffering in their marriage it's hard being married is quote you go to great time to get through terrible times and and Islam on talk about yeah exactly where same as any couple I love this she goes -- to say. I asked my dad wants. How did you -- moms stay married for 33 years and he said well we never wanted to get a divorce at the same time. Why not celebration going into the -- -- -- how to how to do not say when two people throw in the towel at the same time you break up and -- that person's -- on. You can carry -- that you know there's a lot of horse since there. There -- you know Cokie Roberts and her husband Steve Roberts have a -- You know from the state board about marriage. And one thing they -- sentencing on the book towards you can judge how long you've been -- based on the number of teeth marks bite marks you have an eighteenth from biting your -- so -- dictionary this. Simply demonize and satellite carried by this -- some careless and and tried -- is I don't know I don't know why don't my daughter's not not a big fan of me. I don't -- -- I don't know and I find it can -- currently the latest thing is nick demonize is blasting right tracing your. -- bitter. Woman. -- out -- a little -- -- woman with a ton of talent. They're great boys straight -- -- -- women against when asked him why didn't men against men have a yeah now.

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{"id":19098738,"title":"Drug Overdose Suspected in Rapper's Death","duration":"3:23","description":"Heroin and cocaine are suspected in rapper Chris Kelly's death, according to police report. ","url":"/WNN/video/drug-overdose-suspected-rappers-death-19098738","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}