"DWTS" Champ Alfonso Ribiero Brings Down The House

Season 19 of "Dancing With The Stars" finished strong, with a star-studded, three-hour dance party finale.
4:01 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for "DWTS" Champ Alfonso Ribiero Brings Down The House
Leading at the big news from the ballroom season nineteen Dancing With The Stars is up. Officially in the books and a big win. Yeah golf puns though we've been talking about this book a month and have of course. No surprises here folks would go to the next door. Double for the big announcement was made however it was the power pack starts at a three hour Dan sporting marathon all the previous contestants came back. Put some as new won't since. But all lines Ron that might help the region Allen Hunt about their chemistry sizzling. Sadie charmed the crowd with partner mark but Alfonzo will be aero would put Whitney. From Baylor taking home the coveted mirror ball trophy as we kind of put them back stage right after they won. And I'm this excited and just so excited and I'm like I'm speechless yeah he's got a weird survey. It's been amazing isn't it you really did you do do most high ranking prison and honestly and like this it you know. You time limit and I'm so happy I am really happy for you to we we did. But some attack excited and bundles also great to give grid to all of his bubble competitors saying everybody deserved to be a champion. At all three couples last night actually got perfect scores at some point throughout the night everybody scoring. Scoring panel headed that's enough at some point and street. I analysts are on their way to entice quit right now. For one final dance on Good Morning America later today Kelly's back. All right well more than forty years since Steve Israel we're broke new ground with Jurassic Park the trailer for the latest incarnation has been released and to the delight. A pain itself hold two days before it was scheduled to debut. Head instead of calling in Jurassic Park. Forest called drastic world in this trailer has a lot of people talk and especially about a new under 100 dinosaurs take. Wu dress as world stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and commons. Is executive producer Sylvan steel and of course fans will have to wait. Until June of next year for the trying to affix logos lose just a name or back in the skating. It's time for some news that he can you product forms came out with a list of the highest earning celebrities 130. And the beads I don't talk that he's. Got 57 Milton then a million Twitter followers. Hey got a world tour they estimate would be good to have pulled an eighty million dollars of the past year he got a new album in the works and recently released some previews. From his history McCown would no word on when that album is going to be out. Natalie is being under thirty but he's. Barely turned twenty turning 21 next spring and well a movie about me profoundly influential singer songwriter Joni Mitchell. We'll not to be coming to the big screen. Those were disappointed by the news include the group of fans known as. Swiftly and that's because Taylor Swift was the top pick to portray Joni Mitchell and film in an interview with the Sunday Times Mitchell revealed that she. Prevented the biopic from being made time to producer all you've got is a girl with high cheekbones. It's just a lot of gossip you don't have the great team. The movie would be based on a book called girls like us that Mitchell apparently is not a big fan. But take a look at that they look so much alike I went out again at bat that makes sense right I mean yeah. Mike Deaver kept Johnny. Time now for some celebrity birthday so celebrating the big day today is one of only team that turner 75 years ago. Actor Peter you see there from twilight and the nurse Jackie turns fourteen black that's not a betting bill 33 years old I love music. And of course fellow British singer starring in fifty shades of gray next year turns 24. Happy birthday to all.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Season 19 of \"Dancing With The Stars\" finished strong, with a star-studded, three-hour dance party finale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27189124","title":"\"DWTS\" Champ Alfonso Ribiero Brings Down The House","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-champ-alfonso-ribiero-brings-house-27189124"}