'DWTS': 2 Couples Go Home

Apollo Anton Ohno and Emmitt Smith were sent home from the competition.
3:00 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS': 2 Couples Go Home
Welcome back reminds me a few weeks as we talked about Dancing With The Stars here -- -- long -- it's been far too long so boomer who can television get to it. Public statements -- Thanksgiving but updates don't what is going on there. And debated here two couples got sent home last -- that was all kinds of suspense -- These -- this is like the ninth to ten -- diseases so things are winding down a little bit and so we -- sad to report the two couples going home. Apollo and Karine a day are at a there and also and -- -- and his partner Cheryl Burke day. Both got the -- and it was gracious that we say it's been a tremendous experience shareholder and a great partner she is pushing me to another level season three was something else but this. Right here takes it to. Now. Tops of the season winding down to probably a better known professional dancers Cheryl and arena my favorite. -- at home button. We wish them all the best. Nelson who takes on that mirror ball trophy and a few more weeks we'll event in the life for those that two couples it's also the end of the line for Danica Patrick and her husband -- Seven years they have mutually decided. Two and their marriage she wrote on her face but this page. This is her quote she says we have decided to and likely end. Our marriage it's not easy for hire us but he's been an important person in front of my life and that's how well. For -- moving forward. He was a physical therapist -- -- -- And she's now thirty he's in the seventeen years older than her so I don't know I'm willing to speculate festive. What played a part in it but the news of this comes right after she won the Nationwide Series most popular driver. A -- -- -- she also finished tenth in the Nationwide Series point standing. Best finish ever by a woman so a bright future for her but her marriage of seven years. Two. In Ramallah hospital -- Sales hyperion is over it's still not convinced relationships of that Kennedy age gap can. Last too long but I don't know maybe that's just me but whatever the reason is good luck to both from going down the road here also Matthew McConaughey and making some news. In this get a Venus skinny yet really truly because he's doing this new movie called the Dallas buyers club he plays a man who contracts HIV so for the role. He had to lose a lot awaits -- -- on the -- -- like normal. You know heartthrob Matthew McConaughey and and the ladies love it does seem almost right. Having lost away apparently he's lost 38 pounds was -- yet he's lost a ton of weight getting ready for this role and he talked a little bit about meticulous. Who lost 38 pounds I feel good. Now overall probably got 35% less energy but there's been that the tough parts from plateaus and so what you want to get past the plateau. The body seems understand okay this is where -- and now. They addressed did you know change -- -- in appearance from -- magic Mike. -- appearance but if who has -- -- of those actors do you know to get you know and -- one way or the other for the role we've seen before his. He's the latest one being used to -- gear up his body to be able to eat again that's going to be mature as well. Matthew put back on do get into that murder.

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{"id":17775707,"title":"'DWTS': 2 Couples Go Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Apollo Anton Ohno and Emmitt Smith were sent home from the competition.","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-couples-home-17775707","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}