'DWTS' Shocker: Two Couples Sent Home

Sean Avery and Diana Nyad get the boot from "Dancing With the Stars."
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Shocker: Two Couples Sent Home
Skinny guy when -- Big surprise last night on Dancing With The Stars two couples were sent home I'm still bummed about -- Diana and my dad and her partner Henry. As well as Sean Avery and his partner -- and gotten them they note. But they did makes it very gracefully. For nine years I've wanted to do the show it's spectacular these this spirit of that every one since Neanderthal on -- days has to list its joy it's freedom. I only wish that this superlative he handsome young man who might they locked my bodies -- down. -- -- He's brilliant I wish I could have given him at least a couple more weeks. And months. -- I had she really is -- and great attitude up. Hi Billy Dee Williams by the -- -- and that's as good night in fact he was feeling downright negatively in the lowest score of the week and worried that he was worried they look like -- -- Wow town ice dancer Meryl Davis -- at the top of the -- tied with her Olympic dance partner Charlie White -- Really off some estimate expect the -- along with their respective dancing partners received. Highest scores of the night ever really -- -- -- for most of his or her most recent -- David Cassidy to enroll in a nine. DUI bust came back in January in Los Angeles. It was his third DUI arrests since 2010. Cassidy pled no contest to this latest charge that mug shot is that's in the mug shot hall of -- -- -- In -- -- rehab Cassidy was also sentenced to sixty months of probation and must complete a nine month alcohol treatment program. Not too bad considering he originally faced a year in jail. You know we move on to a former tough talking TV Judge Joe Brown. Some of that tough talk landed him minute Tennessee jail -- there's his mug shot we're -- -- -- much this morning and brown was in court yesterday representing a client in a custody hearing but. The case was -- on the docket and that's when the 66 year old went off on the judge. -- get into this let's get into this sorry operate in the east stuff. Point four hours -- -- jail for continued. Around can't going event receives five days in jail he was released later without bond brown show aired for fifteen years was canceled last year. He's running -- district attorney in the county he was arrested. Yesterday you know you would think that judge brown would know -- little better than me he ought after the judge like death. Actually I don't know maybe thought the star power would. He'd be able to get away with that who knows but maybe he wants some publicity I don't know famous number that speculation that fans of the hit show the good wife are outraged after a shocking twist in Sunday night show. Let the main character death. The decision to kill off and -- we wanna say yeah watch his show how I feel bad now we're giving something waiting -- -- -- DVR but they just made the decision to kill -- will Gardiner from the hit CBS series. Had fans so devastated and angry that they lit up social media. Prompting producers to issue a letter to explain the plot. Josh Charles the actor who played -- sent out a tweet thanking everyone for their support in last night he told David Letterman that it was his choice. We've been down this since last year. It's been one of the greatest gigs for me my entire career but. The -- last year was my contract was up I was just ready to kind of move on and we Charles. On Letterman that he is looking forward to the next chapter of his life but he said he has no plans yet. -- Johnny -- divorce is getting ugly in court filings -- husband Victor -- of are not. Claims that -- -- removed many luxury items from their home including 21 forty bags really high priced ones and several Burke and. They also insists that he was the primary caregiver for their dog which he wants the back and he says he wants financial support. Both of them are charging emotional abuse. Is getting some. All right let's take a look at one celebrity birthday today the queen -- soul Aretha Franklin. Turns 72. Happy --

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{"id":23046961,"title":"'DWTS' Shocker: Two Couples Sent Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Sean Avery and Diana Nyad get the boot from \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-shocker-couples-home-23046961","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}