Egg-Shaped Diamond Cracks the Competition

A 118-carat white diamond will soon be up for auction in Hong Kong.
2:54 | 09/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egg-Shaped Diamond Cracks the Competition
Okay shame these rocks don't lose that shape. Garros says -- and. Market for a new piece of jewelry might -- well listen to this one that could put a -- on the possibly. Hot -- New York auction house is going to put up and show off a 118. Karat white diamond that is about the size of an -- checking out. The eldest -- was highlighted. Always that. The taxi and be auctioned off in Hong Kong in October October 7 by the way you put that on film definitely get pre sale estimate that as 28 to 35 million bucks. Police calls the greatest white -- -- -- auction in terms of size quality polish and color. Discovered 2011 as -- 299. Carat rough diamond. In this undisclosed south African nation. Her record for a white guy missed twice -- point seven million this is expected to break it and again in the -- will be auctioned off October 7 in Hong Kong. That is -- -- pull out of whoa what game -- that Hillary wow. I don't -- that would -- don't think I guess that what negotiate -- entire -- all the that I can't even imagine. I'm trying to you can have -- Really be okay with trying to but 30000 -- thirty million and -- million ballots chump change -- you okay let me borrow your -- want to. Diamond says. They're talking about exactly how I fell health initiatives are being flown out east to sanctuary 12100 northern California chicken. Are being given a second chance thanks so 50000 dollar donation its funding operation chicken airlift and essentially -- chickens aren't. Me ports higher to eleven to different places one of them include 200 of these chickens are going to Woodstock farm animal sanctuary in New York. Unless you're wondering why they're not going to slaughterhouses because they're laying hands and they generally to -- for human consumption so eventually happens is they're just killed. Once they stop providing the egg salad and -- -- -- life amendment -- to a nice man now rearing and retirement and yes they're getting slightly ahead in Iraq. So -- what he had moved so good stuff good for them. -- -- Here's a news flash this just in sleep deprived people -- I guess what sad it's unhealthy and on attractive. That according to a new study from Swedish researchers -- this. The university stock on the photographed people -- two -- -- after a good night's sleep once after they were awake for 31 hours. And the team after warning people to raise the picture on how tired -- track in the subjects look they discovered people's eyes take to have you stole gas from -- -- -- -- -- And more small and -- researchers also discovered through -- people tend to be perceived as having paler skin. And more wrinkles and -- -- around the corner of the mouth. So we must look everybody -- great updates status of someday we'll get some sleep golf you guys getting some sleep. -- one million.

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{"id":20164304,"title":"Egg-Shaped Diamond Cracks the Competition","duration":"2:54","description":"A 118-carat white diamond will soon be up for auction in Hong Kong.","url":"/WNN/video/egg-shaped-diamond-cracks-competition-20164304","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}