Keep on Trunking: Elephants Make Music in Orchestra

The former work animals in Thailand have been trained to play percussion instruments.
2:54 | 08/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keep on Trunking: Elephants Make Music in Orchestra
Not everybody stuck with -- nexus and who orchestrated Thailand it's getting a lot of play around the world. It's very interesting orchestra because the musicians are elephants you know -- do six scoreless tie it -- Elephant orchestra was comes courtesy NPR -- way. But apparently it's just what it sounds to -- warmer work elephants had nowhere to go. And they've been assembled and trained to play enormous percussion instruments holding ballots in their trunks. Sometimes shopping. Renegade soldiers never scientists at Columbia university and composer co founded -- -- he says that elephants fight to listen to music. They really appreciate music in the morning when the guides take the mound that singled home the elements down -- -- -- the idea that they needed -- -- instruments. Apparently they can't so if that sounds a little funny it's and -- on -- too high scale -- -- -- -- -- -- notes seven making traditional northern Thailand sounds but they the elephant -- It's very happy go -- -- try to. -- has -- all right I -- is really great so these two folks -- both line. If their dogs their guys got the special training -- and when they got there at the dogs. Don't seem to -- -- connection and they were inseparable they kept doubling of playing together. So that two individuals who didn't know each other decided to get together for the dogs could have -- date. And I kept meeting again and again and they found that they actually started to fall -- -- -- will -- -- story and so they're getting -- have. Today the male dog voter actually asked the woman to marry him on -- British television show called me -- my guide -- for -- big enough for a reality show. And that you know there there loving life and apparently the -- in the same bed. That's -- what that story. All right romance of the dog -- -- we go. It's not for sale but -- -- -- is the -- about the White House votes what do you think this would be worth this is off the bus speeds pretty interesting let's go with the first photo here some specs to six -- home constructed during the last decade of the eighteenth century. -- 55000 square feet. With a lot size of over 784000. Square feet sixteen bedrooms in the home. 35 bathrooms did you know that the whole features 28 different fireplaces when he fireplaces and there is of course a chef's kitchen now. The price 319. Million dollars. Let's check changed -- -- -- and a sense of president not yet. Kind of hard to put a value on the White House but I guess if you count the battle for the -- to get an idea I guess that's just their walled realistic -- All right and headed in the right location very quickly happy if theft anti India don't rattle off. Santa Rosa California Napa California lap point at the -- -- very -- Had anything. I know Green Bay, Wisconsin that didn't -- -- -- back rebates.

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{"id":19870384,"title":"Keep on Trunking: Elephants Make Music in Orchestra","duration":"2:54","description":"The former work animals in Thailand have been trained to play percussion instruments.","url":"/WNN/video/elephants-make-music-orchestra-19870384","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}