Elevator Door Opens and Freaks Out Riders

In a panic, the elevator rider pushes buttons hoping to get door closed.
2:55 | 06/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elevator Door Opens and Freaks Out Riders
Now move now it's time for the mix of -- having elevated phobia. Meet your TV for half a second there is -- story this Daniel look at the video now get on the elevator -- Goes up 31. Horrors that door is open in just fifteen seconds he didn't mean to -- -- -- what happened. He actually assisting telling Syria -- -- -- yeah I was trying to should not just I want to 715 seconds. Massive head and leg injuries firefighters and moved him they have no idea. What caused this pretty scary stuff Sony and packed -- up at the top rather than the body they couldn't eat out it didn't stop at the top of the group found is scary. -- -- anybody out there -- an -- phobia -- Got a little outdoors here. All right let's go to something a little cooler this is let's put up a picture name is -- Osborne. She's from. Indiana and she just signed on to play college football with the team called. With a school called Campbell's -- -- in Kentucky. It's a men's football teams army playing for the men's team -- Unique about it -- there's been a few girls who played college football with men but they pretty much all been kickers but she will be a defensive back. She's five plus a 140 pounds who signed -- that camp Campbell -- college. So why -- competitive -- back right -- -- a little -- not a high school. And or she says that she wanted to chance she said she spoke -- some schools and North Carolina and Florida and they seem to sit until they found out and -- shell out the woman's name. -- seaside Dotson did -- have a separate locker room how -- that that is a good question where is where you go into. I don't know I think that's an investigative piece written. So -- -- do you tip when you -- At a restaurant absolutely about it but do you do any credit card -- do you put. -- suffer -- and he's put democratic easier right -- woman almost lost a 1000 dollar -- at the Waffle House can you believe that. It's because the Waffle House says they have a policy that if you put a tip of that large amount they automatically give it back because it could be a problem hitless in the next. -- -- -- -- And I'm just basically trying to make it out here you know like everyone else they wouldn't be no different if you Lynn Kessler -- table in the -- or caimans Nancy off the table -- -- No you can't have this you know maybe it was very humiliate. -- generous tip Carroll was found and actually rudder checks -- she got a good car she deserves a tip. Hey before we leave you know hard core muscles and video that said Europeans or or we get jumping from proves that. Well it wasn't extreme enough. Check it out now this started with barefoot just -- a little more hardcore right a new video. -- running in Tuscany barefoot. Just to make it a little harder.

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{"id":24067110,"title":"Elevator Door Opens and Freaks Out Riders","duration":"2:55","description":"In a panic, the elevator rider pushes buttons hoping to get door closed.","url":"/WNN/video/elevator-door-opens-freaks-riders-24067110","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}