Elton John Weds Longtime Partner

Elton John and partner David Furnish exchanged vows Sunday under new laws allowing same-sex marriages in England.
3:24 | 12/22/14

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Ten leading off the skinny minute superstar sir Elton John celebrating. The holy season with the winter wedding to his longtime love David Furnish they've been together more than twenty years sitting civil partners in 2005 excuse. Elton shared details of their wedding on instant Graham including the two of them signing their marriage license ahead of time the ceremony was held at their wins there it stayed in Berkshire England the couple's 27 Zachary analyzing with and the latter's almost. To you result polished dance and the does dad during the ceremony. The wedding menu included well mushroom soup truffle cream. They sure ripped Carl I think it warm chocolate putting an ice cream you know and we know you wanted to knows we give your opinion as well. That's making hungry. Our congratulations are also in order to former N'sync star Lance Bass time and not over the weekend with his partner a forty years so thirty. Five year old Seinfeld's with Michael turgeon in front of 300 guests at the Plaza Hotel in LA he sold his former band mates where there. Well with many other famous faces including Christian aren't we seed in the middle covering it accompanied by her new boyfriend. Her divorce now Christian and divorces now final unfolds when she was fighting get to know thirty. Aren't activists special couple the grooms want it to be. That one of the you know the whole thing to be an affair to remember they used can gaze at wedding planner and guests were told to pretend they're going to a royal wedding. At the met Bob that is one confusing you know you'd like when you're like trying to figure out how to dress. I mean you Wear a hat at a ball down pat what I'm entitled to live with us Peggy Taylor. Yes that's a tough one because I was invited better than the team OK (%expletive) up. That's picking up Christian though are that next item sitters on her. First husband Lee Robert Kardashian we've got word about who set the place Hilton in an upcoming TV series. It's RA it's David Schwimmer. That's of course as a Ross from friends. From a little portrait Kardashian in in an anthology series called American crime story the people vs OJ's to send. I bashing was part of Simpson's legal team during his murder trial in production begins may seem like they're production kids in just a few weeks. Send him like he junior yeah you could see that see that Cuba Gooding junior is already slated to play no Jay no mortal who betray other part. Personalities if when Johnnie Cochran. And the judge Lance Ito. I was at a triple those of compassion in this Guinea today. Courtney is revealing her new baby's name. Rain asked and did sick with which one scored a case. Well I'm assuming that network and tonight I'm not to us. Is keen on the Kardashians I don't know it out anyway rain really that's the name RE IG and that's when ruling over. Well you know a tabloid media empire. And his voters are ready and and sit rapt by the way we thought we just a little bit of in his hand. I'm sure we'll see the rest and soon. Of course he has his honest Rampage will be doing so fees from the creative here shortly. He's a third child of the eldest garnish to the third oldest child's birth shown during an episode of keeping up the card action so far this photo rain. The people mommy's hand is all we have so flaws get to the sliver birthdays can get through these quickly. Celebrating a big day are very down inside you're turning 69. Great fine 69. And singer Jordin Sparks opening quarter century that he's all about that basing your home again greater. Think we won them.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Elton John and partner David Furnish exchanged vows Sunday under new laws allowing same-sex marriages in England. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27757853","title":"Elton John Weds Longtime Partner","url":"/WNN/video/elton-john-weds-longtime-partner-27757853"}