Embracing natural curls

Caring for natural curly hair can come with a learning curve, and going to a professional hair stylist doesn't always produce the right results. ABC News' Janai Norman reports
3:53 | 07/19/19

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Got relaxed when I was in the fourth period it wasn't until after college that they started curious about my hair and his bid. The detrimental effects of having a lack there. For more than a decade Courtney. She describes the emotional process of reversing years of damage. It was definitely when I cut off all my relax and I AM. Didn't like it at all actually hated my hair but it's a time for me to follow up with my hair. Courtney is part of the growing natural hair movement empowering women and men to embrace their natural Payer I see all the time in. Television news adds people are just in policing right. They were reportedly. A big part of that is curls which is what led Kourtney and so many others to diva rolled products the. We hear a team so we wanna be inclusive. We love all hair types your views on me. We sit there and train new and using the products properly. You know just embracing in lovingly you have. One of the biggest challenges for clients walking into. It was a challenge for me as I mentioned discussing why I decided to bring my girls I hadn't nailed down my routine or found the right products and I was still so congress there's progress had been made. Like making sure we're supported with hair stylists who know hybrids and natural hair. And Bryant says it's not just clients put even many stylists. Are at a loss when it comes to. Holtz is no training game cosmetology school for career. I have fans Atlanta across the fighter and hottest season for awhile now. Even celebrity stylist like yeah they get into the hands behind Michelle Obama's Taylor recently trained with diesel pearl. Before the former First Lady showed off what girls at. Essence fest curly hair is a different kind of peace superhero movies such as yourself such as myself. We need more Morse. Because of earlier they had more he has. Just ask. Brian filled us in on some of the basics of caring for curls and walk us through how you can do it at home. First she and cooling I dealing with the clintons are free pair pencil leads and silicone when he in this company as its. Of the process. This is what actually bring found that skin cells that turn that's trapped on the style the next step is adding conditioners the decadence one condition. City and that they have first. These are the oldest pairs and they need the most hydration even shows us how he uses his fingers to break the products through my hair section by section. Starting at the ends working my way it's of the scout. You always went to tangle like that. It hopes the hair not grateful. And two important things to remember for defying freeze free curls apply to products will your hair is soaking wet and loses because your hair is is. Knife and defined. And for its free and that's actually what you want to preserve that as this time. And once you apply to products hands off insurer touching eight year extracting the moisture and that causes aids. It's that kind of hair and deep look pearl that Courtney says helped her increase her pearls. It was a progressive enough time the product having a thin line experience have another line experience back. And that's an end to grant influence or encourages others to do the same. It may not be for every one. It is a lot of work but I feel like it's nothing workday it definitely takes you through. A journey of really self discovery because you have to learn to love yourself over again thank you are natural or just recently natural to be patient with the hair be patiently yourself. Takes a lot of time in a lot of effort but it's totally worth it and.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Caring for natural curly hair can come with a learning curve, and going to a professional hair stylist doesn't always produce the right results. ABC News' Janai Norman reports","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64436285","title":"Embracing natural curls","url":"/WNN/video/embracing-natural-curls-64436285"}