Emergency Landing Grounds Boeing 787 Jets in Japan

ABC News' Akiko Fujita explains the latest problem plaguing the Boeing Dreamliner.
1:43 | 01/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emergency Landing Grounds Boeing 787 Jets in Japan
Ongoing nightmare for the dreamliner. Ground at this morning by its biggest customers after an emergency landing in Japan. The Boeing 780 -- been plagued by one disturbing problem after another prompting investigations in three countries ABC's -- keep who Fujita. As -- very latest from Tokyo. The. Latest incident came -- flight on board this -- dreamliner bound for Tokyo. The airline says a battery warning light went off less than an hour after take off. Then came the smell of smoke. Smoke alert finally forced pilots to make an emergency landing in western Japan. And evacuate all of 137. People on board using in emergency chute. Hours later -- any apologize for the incident saying they would ground all seventeen of its dreamliner is in definitely. Rival Japan airlines halted all seven of their dream liners for emergency inspections. The news follows a week -- riddled with problems for Boeing. Last Monday a fire broke out aboard -- Tokyo bound flight in Boston the next day a fuel leak cracked cockpit window and faulty -- system have grounded several flights in Japan. The dreamliner was supposed to be a game changer for following the company's most fuel efficient jet with more than 800 orders to date. But just a year after take off the problems have raised serious questions about its safety. The FAA his launch its own investigation into this 787. In a statement the agency said it was monitoring reports of the latest incident in Japan. And plan to include the information in a comprehensive review of the dreamliner is manufacturing. And design. At -- Fujita ABC news Tokyo.

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{"id":18226432,"title":"Emergency Landing Grounds Boeing 787 Jets in Japan","duration":"1:43","description":"ABC News' Akiko Fujita explains the latest problem plaguing the Boeing Dreamliner.","url":"/WNN/video/emergency-landing-grounds-boeing-787-jets-japan-18226432","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}