Emma Stone Named Best Dressed for 2012

InStyle magazine lists the top fashionista for the past year.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Emma Stone Named Best Dressed for 2012
All right so anybody that knows anything about fashion -- and up on any styles top address list so the top. Faction. He says 2012. We will start -- besides us besides us I think we're in the worst dressed actually. OK so and -- best dressed up 2012. And that's down. Rest of this study and the stunning -- sometimes she has red hair sometimes she has -- extra dark hair -- never know but she looks beautiful no matter of life. Understands coming in as the top dressed -- down. -- 22 -- -- we have Diane Kruger no relation to my husband John crater itself little differently still stunning thanks Kristen -- How about that. Yes I'm the Alexis Johnson Jim -- -- Christians and you know get. And Kate plus where it goes from the -- round out the top five and then we -- -- -- one also making analyst Terry crews coming in at number not Ines. Hello sir -- yeah on the list status I don't know why I'm asking this message he Middleton made that list I assume. I just can't manage seven there she is there's not -- you can't I don't know why even etc. she's always on everyone's top list -- -- know where you know she got bumped off that you mentioned it majors he has edited you might have -- -- -- morning yet I do not come. The mouse that -- -- -- from that you have come out about Kevin Clash -- the voice behind the very popular character. Elmo here as a nasty allegations came after the had a relationship with -- underage boy did he has since confirmed. Yes he is gay yes there was a relationship. But it happened when the accuser who is now 23 years old came -- said look -- -- -- my. Accusations here yes there was a relationship -- I was of age at the time so this young man Kevin Clash the voice of -- has been. Clear -- bail and exonerated so whatever rumors throughout their last few days it's all been cleared up he chooses as no you know I'm taking it back so. Good news that we got to that so. Can you know. No all the tickle me jokes can maybe you cease -- -- and now -- just forget. It happened you pick up the latest edition of allure magazine's November -- ended December edition -- -- right next the toilet you're gonna see Keira Knightley. And a lot of her but actually not much of her because a lot of she's come under criticism for it before this cover shot because -- Critics are saying she looks anorexic and this is plagued her for very long time she -- Said that she tells the magazine that the constant criticism get certain times -- completely denied that she -- they knew it was an accident in my body is somehow. Not right but -- wondered. Fighters probably image is -- college -- -- Man. The senator murders are more suspends thousands next don't --

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{"id":17714297,"title":"Emma Stone Named Best Dressed for 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"InStyle magazine lists the top fashionista for the past year.","url":"/WNN/video/emma-stone-named-best-dressed-2012-17714297","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}