Emotional reunion

After a teddy bear that played a message from a woman’s late mother was stolen, they’re finally reunited. ABC’s Will Ganss has the heartwarming story.
2:50 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for Emotional reunion
It was a humble little Teddy bear that was making our skinny headlines earlier this week. Ryan Reynolds made a public appeal on the hop on the woman. Who had her very special Teddy bear stolen but this morning we have new development and our own will dance has been following this story from the very beginning. Well and I hate Kenneth if you're looking for a story that we'll give you some warm and Fuzzy is literally. This is it I spoke with Mara Soriano about her Teddy bear and the incredibly special person who gave it to where her mom. Honestly my diet Mamas and I was debtor's prison an ever met she put a few my cousins through school she. Would take the shirt off her back for YouTube really needed it. Morris Soriano and her mother Marilyn were always close but Mara moved from the East Coast of Canada to the west. Maryland gave her a Teddy bear. And when you press it's pot a message from mom and. There are under Cologne and hair reminder who land is that there's messages and Filipino. And lesbian mayor routes that message one of the last from Maryland before she passed away from cancer into when he nineteen. See you can imagine Mars heartbreak when the pair went missing this week as she was moving into a new apartment with her fiance. I I was so hoping elected in the U haul and when he said no my aren't just. Sank. Left alone for only ten minutes the bag but the Barrett hits stolen by a stranger Morris searching through dumpsters and alleyways near her new home. Before going to the local news for help. Which is how Ryan Reynolds spotted her story Vancouver native offering a 5000 dollar reward for mama bears return. And it worked. Mara got an email around midnight on Wednesday from a good samaritan who saw the security footage you. Recognized that our. I immediately knew it wasn't aware that there was Mara meeting him in a public place and not hiding her joy when they were finally reunited Agassi stood at his irons I could eat. Pretty lately I just had to have her and a cleaner according she and her eight condition and it it's just amazing that we were reunited it. You have any ideas like where you're gonna be keeping momma bear nowadays like and cut your wrist what. I'm going for it and never letting her and I I what do you think your mom would say seeing. This community. Lots surrounding a new and modern air is good at. The world's regular carton a you know and you don't lose hope and think kind cuts and deemed positive things and did things. Her mom must be so proud of her now honey you guys. Just incredible there we love that story so much thank you will.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"After a teddy bear that played a message from a woman’s late mother was stolen, they’re finally reunited. ABC’s Will Ganss has the heartwarming story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72071123","title":"Emotional reunion","url":"/WNN/video/emotional-reunion-72071123"}