Enjoy A Yule Log Hamster!

In an adorable upgrade to the beloved yule log, a hamster runs around a mini living room for twelve straight minutes while Christmas music plays in the background.
2:54 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for Enjoy A Yule Log Hamster!
I don't time for the mixed welcome we have a very interesting take on the old you'll want to got take a look at this hipster kind of takes over. Look at this cozy little fireplace there treat trend presents under the tree at wears sentence. They say I don't have someone made a mini giving him without stuff which I guess his infinitely more entertaining big guy and does the ground who wield. Things wandering around as a fellow look at it seems to have this chemicals at a Christmas conceivable point tries its and so for the presence. He doesn't understand the concept of sense that you deadly fire guys. Come up up up up up up and. Oh right rudimentary well look at Santa made his way over society that a fire after sand. Apparently the boy is probably feels that I should it. We'll check back in the dumps in the seconds. That's all dog feed of a hamster living there. There's another story. This a Netflix are making up ourselves for you for Christmas. For the I'd fear is that when he what you know when they were then metrics I would do what's been through shows. To what's into the White House because it seems ends the next episode sells those amounts in the U tend to get to 102 countdown. On the show starts again so Netflix have come up with a himself asks that you whack. I mean is a sense a terrible idea. We've notified and he's so wouldn't to have the second and you have to pay them yourself which is doing yourself Kate you have to make the salt that you love me it hit the samba. You have to know about electronics and Eagles mere at a summit you have to but effective together I Bennett moment since when you fall asleep. Imports is this show for you forgot you know you've fallen asleep with the and to confront your finger move anymore and this is a good lord I don't move my feet when I want that is not pray. I don't know about this there's got to think right now remote control which invented for people who were too lazy to get up to get the television yet to send it off. These salt and for people who were too lazy to move backhand from that lap to the remote control to settle the television might television automatically turn. We'll go to sleep mode. Okay I'm still awake so I don't quite understand this I think there's already a niche for the respect that you get you giving this Christmas with groups scout for patents. That's hope that you kind of life. Discover sort of ask again what what is they have stretches felt for the presence became a promotional enemy could back up. Into the you can quite easy decorate the room when it but what has enjoying the view is that hamsters grandma above the fireplace that photo of grammar lowers that. It's so they've they've then you can ascertain from the Clinton last different hands hamster clot. The prank it's hamster caused praying for more jets arrived Erica that have tendencies it's got into the camera. Especially this next one. A photographer and really takes the plunge with these wedding photos. Over Clinton he takes a bright Ingram over 350 foot clipped an actual lake state park in New Hampshire how much I would mind you this I was newly married. And we'll be right back. By the call themselves.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"In an adorable upgrade to the beloved yule log, a hamster runs around a mini living room for twelve straight minutes while Christmas music plays in the background.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35815836","title":"Enjoy A Yule Log Hamster!","url":"/WNN/video/enjoy-yule-log-hamster-35815836"}